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Kratom – A killer or painkiller?


The South East Asian herb Mitragynaspeciosa (kratom) has made the news in recent months because the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) threatened to make it a Schedule 1 drug similar to cocaine and heroin after it claimed that there were 15 deaths associated with the herb. What really hit the headlines is that the DEA backed down after a massive ...

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Sports Podiatrist Believe That Your Shoes Are Impacting Your Life


While in the past, the leg pain or any other pain issues were handled a bit differently, today almost everything can be prevented. There are many different ways that a podiatrist can help you with your leg pain, and one of them is by designing the perfect custom orthotics Sydney, that will help you relieve your pain. However, why would ...

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Famous Celebrities and Their Healthy Habits


Celebrities have always been known as trendsetters. Whether it’s clothing or personal crusades, celebrities have the ability to persuade their fans to take action. One way that celebrities can have a positive effect is by touting their own healthy habits. Below, we take a look at several famous celebrities who have a penchant for healthy living. Miranda Lambert – Getting ...

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7 Things No One TellsYou About Breast Reduction


Most women who undergo breast surgery walk away happily from their surgeons. Some of these women visit the best breast reduction surgeon Sydney has to offer, some reduce their breasts at other surgeons. Whoever you pick to reduce your breasts, there are some things you should know about beforehand. Here is the list of things that you should know about ...

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Few healthy tips on weight loss and dieting to keep you motivated


For those of you who’re aiming at a permanent weight loss, a few words of caution might help. You may need to make a few necessary changes to your food habits besides changing your lifestyle. Following are a few tips that can keep you motivated: Find social support. Social support often plays a crucial role in our lives. Healthy eating and ...

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Seven Surprising Benefits Of Vitamin B12


Vitamin B12 is one of the water-soluble B vitamins that the body needs in order to maintain excellent general health. Although there are sufficient amounts of vitamin B12 stored in the liver, many people experience a deficiency of this nutrient when they do not consume foods that can replace stored B12 or when absorption of B12 is impaired. The main ...

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How to Research Rare Chemicals


Chemistry is one of the biggest branches of science. We cannot live without understanding chemistry. It helps us making many new substances that help us in our day to day life. If there was no advanced study of chemistry, we could not even wash our teeth clean today. Today the students all around the world pick the subject chemistry for ...

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Hair Loss Treatment and Restoration- What You Need to Know


Women tend to prefer keeping long hair. However, longer hair requires more maintenance and effort. Women generally use a host of different products on their hair to keep it silky and shiny. There are literally hundreds of different shampoos and conditioners in the market, all of which are aimed at improving the texture of your hair. If you don’t take ...

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Make arrangements for after death ceremonies before you leave the world


Death is unpredictable so the expenses for your cremation or burial are also unexpected. For some, families, it is a two way trauma in the form of financial and emotional suffering in the event of death of any of the family member. If you do save your family from the suffering, should get your death ceremonies prepared.  You can pre ...

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Can Pets Transfer Disease To Human Through Their Saliva?


Most probably, your veterinarian already advised to prevent your dogs from licking your faces. She might even explain the possible effects it may cause to you along with long list of bacteria and parasite residing on your pet’s saliva. On the contrary, ancient researches found out that dog licking is an excellent way to heal wounds. In fact, there are ...

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