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Food hygiene training courses are unbeatable.


Don’t ignore the rules! Experienced food hygiene training course providers like the popular Food Alert in London offer training and every day compliance diaries so that control within the kitchen environment is monitored. Training can transform the unknowing to the learned and secure a better reputation and standards for an establishment in a cost effective and timely manner. The legislation ...

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Enjoy tasting the delicious, yummy and healthy cookie

cook 3

Everybody loves cookies; they are sweet and the perfect complement to every meal.  They can be easily baked in the home but if you do not have time to make it yourself, then you can easily buy it from the online confectionery store. The popularity of cookies around the world has led to the opening of exclusive cookie stores online. ...

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Women’s health: Ten reasons to increase nutritional intake

women health

When it comes to losing weight, you actually stop eating or consuming a lot of things, which also provide nutrition to your body, along with fats and other unwanted things. Therefore, when you stop the intake of nutritional foods and lose weight, you go through different problems like hair-loss, deficiency of vitamins, allergies, improper digestion, etc. Therefore, you have to ...

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Nutritionist v/s dietician – Who is better?


Although dieticians and nutritionists are thought to be same, they are absolutely not. A dietician is the one that helps you lose weight and on the other hand, a nutritionist is the one who makes you reach your target weight or achieve your goals (with respect to your appearance) by subtracting and adding nutritional values to your body. There was ...

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