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Sports Podiatrist Believe That Your Shoes Are Impacting Your Life

While in the past, the leg pain or any other pain issues were handled a bit differently, today almost everything can be prevented. There are many different ways that a podiatrist can help you with your leg pain, and one of them is by designing the perfect custom orthotics Sydney, that will help you relieve your pain.

However, why would you treat something when you can prevent it? Well, while you might think that this is a bit unbelievable, you should actually think about it before purchasing a new pair of shoes. A bad pair of sneakers can easily crumble away everything that you have worked for, and the worse thing is that you might not even be aware of this.


How can shoes be bad?

There are so many new models of shoes coming out each month, that it is hard to keep up with the design and the comfortability. While many years ago we did not even wear shoes, today you can find at least one store that sells shoes on every corner in the city.

You need to find the shoes that fit you perfectly

Since the shoe stores have become so popular, they have to keep the new models coming, otherwise, they might lose their customers. However, because of the mass production of new models, the shape of the shoes are not always the top priority.

This is why before purchasing your pair of shoes, especially if they are meant for exercising, you should make sure that they fit you perfectly. If your feet barely fit into the shoes, that means that you are decreasing the ventilation, but you are also helping your feet breathe from the inside by pressuring the circulatory system.

Dangers behind ‘bad’ shoes

The most common condition that can be caused by this is called ‘corn’, which are the dead skin patches that are hardened. The ‘corn’ can be caused by shoes that do not fit, as they should, due to the pressure that one specific area is affected with. When your shoes are too loose, your foot will eventually slide and rub on some areas, which will cause corns on some parts of your feet.

Another common problem that might occur after you spend a long time in the shoes that are not the best fit for you, is that your nails could potentially pierce your toe skin. This might sound like nothing, but it can actually lead to serious infections that require medical attention if you do not visit your podiatrist on time.

Be careful when trying on shoes, because while this might not be directly related to podiatry, you should keep in mind that it is important to not try new shoes barefoot. This is because the athlete’s foot infection can easily be transmitted from an infected person who wore those same shoes before you.

Good looking shoes are not necessarily good

Just because a pair of shoes looks good, does not necessarily mean that, they are good for your feet. The factors that revolve around your health can be seen more inside the shoe than on the outside. Take into account the flexibility, material, and the ventilation of the shoes, together with the size.


Just because they look good, does not mean that they are

Final word

It is always a good idea to have a talk with your podiatrist before buying a pair of shoes, as they will be able to tell you which shoes are good for what activity. The most important thing is to always make sure that you visit the Podiatrist Double Bay on time since it is better to prevent than to cure an injury.

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