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Here’s How You Can Snag More Dates Online

Chatting with women is just as difficult online as it is in person. In fact, it may be even harder to even grasp the attention of the passersby, simply because your profile may not be interesting enough. A lot of people are more bold via the web, so chances are much higher for folks to ignore your direct messages. Although online dating is a difficult feat for many, it’s not something that can’t be done successfully.

Whether you’re goals are to mingle or meet your soulmate, the following tips can be used to enhance your online dating and increase the chances of you landing a real date.

Choose the Right Profile Picture

The first thing users see when they enter your profile is your photo. Most people believe that smiling directly at the camera is intriguing enough to entice women to interact with them. Studies show that the opposite is true. So instead, you want to focus on doing something in your photos, such as engaging in an activity or hanging out with friends. Women like to see men who look focused, intense and interesting. These type of photos can also help start conversations.


Don’t Use Generic DMs

A lot of women ignore direct messages when they feel its too generic. It makes you seem as though you copied and pasted your message to several other women or all women you approach. In the online world, this is equivalent to a pickup line. Women want to feel special, so make your message personalized by asking about things you seen in their profile.

Converse Like You’re Actually There

Once you get a reply to a message, converse with the other person as though you were right in front of her. Speak in complete sentences, ask questions and act appropriately. Don’t make lewd remarks or put on a fake persona. Most people can sniff a phony a mile away, even through the internet.

Once you land a date, make sure you dress the part. You can find amazing deals on eBay for shoes, clothing, watches and other gadgets. You may even find a nice gift to bring along on your first date.

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