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Top 4 Benefits of Hiring a Live in Caregiver

As families in New York become increasingly aware of the benefits of gaining in your own home, many are increasingly turning toward live in caregivers as an alternative to residential facilities for their elderly relatives. Of course, aging in place is not without its challenges, especially for elders who have been diagnosed with an illness related to dementia or any chronic health condition. It can also be hard for families who worry constantly about leaving their loved one alone, forever asking themselves questions like, “What if they fall and can’t reach the telephone?” or “Are they getting to the grocery store often enough?” Safety, nutrition, medication, and comfort should all be at the top of your mind if you have an older relative who needs care at home services, but a live in caregiver can give you peace of mind on all fronts.


#1 Safety – Hip injuries are the number one fear of many seniors and their families, as a broken hip can lead to a serious decline in quality of living and issues that include bedsores, blood clots, urinary tract infections, and depression. There are steps you can take to make your loved one’s home a safer place, such as walk-in bathtubs and stair lifts. A live in caregiver will also help your loved one navigate their home, as well as getting in and out of the car and getting around the city. Agencies such as New York City’s Mavencare understand that for many seniors, getting out of the house is as important as living there, so they put a strong emphasis on transportation and social outings.

#2 Continuity – If your older relative suffers from dementia, you should be worried about continuity of care. Major upheavals in a person’s environment or routine, such as a moving to a long-term care facility, have been known to worsen Alzheimer’s symptoms. The home acts as a kind of memory bank, where personal objects and rooms can often serve to trigger a sufferer’s memory, whereas people with Alzheimer’s lose the benefit of familiarity in a new residence. A familiar caregiver and routine can help ease symptoms like agitation, anxiety, delusions, and aggression. When you work with a home care agency like Mavencare NYC, you may also want to ask about new dementia treatment methods gaining popularity, such as Montessori Methods for Dementia.

#3 Independence and Dignity – Independence is achievable even as you age, it may just require a bit of help from a Mavencare live in caregiver. Independence means holding on to your home and remaining in your community, or it can mean keeping a beloved pet, often an important emotional companion and family member to older adults living alone.

#4 Take the Pressure Off Your Relationship – Taking on the primary burden of care for an older relative can lead to serious strains on your relationship with a parent or loved one, and at its worst can manifest as burnout. You may begin to experience feelings of resentment, bitterness, exhaustion, and under-appreciation, all of which can deteriorate your relationship, even though you’ve taken on this sacrifice out of love. Respite care or a live in caregiver can give you a break to restore your relationship with your loved one in their final years.

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