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Should Your Kid Take Dietary Supplements?

The benefits of a good and balanced nutrition are well known. It can impact life positively in adulthood, and lay the foundation for a healthy future when we are young. In the words of the Latin poet Marcus Manilius, ‘Finis ab originependet,’ which means ‘The end depends upon the beginning.’ That is a pretty inspiring motto, if you think about it, and should push parents to take better care of their children’s nutritional needs, which translates into providing them with the indispensable nutrients and supplements (in case they should not be able to consume certain types of food due to allergy) to grow up strong.


Do Not Overlook The Importance Of Nutrition

Although the amounts of nutrients may vary based on age, the nutrition basics for children are similar in principle to those of adults. Carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, fat and protein are needed at every stage, and the lack of one of those elements in a child’s diet can cause problems growing up. Let’s have a look at the foods that should not be missed in anybody’s regimen:


  • Feed your boy / girl meat, seafood, eggs, beans and all the eatables containing protein.
  • Vegetables and fruits are also big, especially fresh and dried ones. But remember that the latter should be taken in small quantities, because an excessive consume might be counter-productive in terms of caloric intake.
  • If you choose to go with canned products, make sure they do not contain too much added sugar. Added sugars are honey, brown sugar, sweeteners, and so on; the ones found in fruits and milk, which are called naturally occurring sugars, are acceptable.
  • Do not serve your son / daughter refined grains, but whole, such as whole-wheat bread and popcorns.
  • As for dairy products (cheese, milk and yogurt), opt for those that are low in fat, or for soy beverages like Isomil soy milk, and limit saturated and trans fat from red and white meat. Substitute it with vegetables, which provide the essential fatty acids and vitamin E the body needs.


In Case Of Nutritional Problems

Should your child be affected by some kind of intolerance to specific ingredients, take into consideration to incorporate supplements, like a PediaSure nutrition drink into his / her diet. This way the kid will not miss the benefits from certain foods, because he / she will be able to get the necessary nutrients and the needed vitamin and protein intake from the supplement itself. That does not mean that abuse is recommended, but at the same time parents should not be afraid of giving supplements to kids. They are a valid source of nutrients, when taken in the right amount.

So, follow the Latin poet’s words, start off on the right foot to ensure your beloved child a healthy future.

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