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Using Twitter to manage your online reputation

Search engine reputation management services is a way for people to have control over what appears high on the search engine result page. More and more people are searching companies and individuals to know what they are about before starting any kind of relationship with them.

There are many tactics used to make sure the information about you appears high and stays there. The use of social media accounts is used since they tend to do just that. But there still has to be an effort on the part of the account manager to include fresh content and engagement from the things posted. Or else the social media account will be vulnerable and fall in the rankings.

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Twitter is a great tool to see in a few words what people are saying about a recent trend, news and whatever else you might be looking for. A great way to start getting twitter followers is responding to replies about things your target audience is engaged in and even influencers in your industry. When people ask questions on Twitter for recommendations on a restaurant to eat in the area, you can jump in and answer their questions. This is a great way for people to hear about your brand and engage back.

When you do tweet about something, make sure to add great visuals to get as much engagement as possible. It is actually proven that tweets with photos acquire 313% higher engagement compared to those that don’t. Instead of breaking your head on what to post next, it is best to plan out your week ahead of time. Think about what is happening in town or if there is some kind of national holiday and collect the images you want to post. That way you will have an easier time to post daily instead of forcing yourself to think of something to post then finding images. Also depending on what time of day you post, there may be more engagement.

A great tactic for companies to use is finding the first interaction between a customer and your brand. Once you found that, greet them to create an element of surprise. This might take a lot of time especially if you have a large organization. But taking only 10-15 minutes a day to do with will be worth it on the long run. It can turn these people into brand loyalists and all you did was create an interaction.

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