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Providing Manual Handling Training to Your Employees

If your employees do a lot of manual handling, then you know the dangers that can come from this. Most workers’ compensation claims come about because employees do not lift, carry, and otherwise handle packages, products, tools, and other items. For that reason alone, your employees need to be trained in manual handling.

What This Training Does

Being trained in how to properly manually handle items will teach your employees a number of things, including how to be safe in the workplace. Safety starts with employees who are aware of safety issues and understand what steps are needed to be safe. By going through manual handling training, they are already working through this first step.


This type of training will also teach your employees the best practices for manual handling, such as how to lift heavy objects and the proper safety techniques to employ to make certain the employee and everyone around him or her is kept safe. They will learn how to stretch and warm up so that they do not injure themselves, the correct postures to use, and how to assess risks so that they do not attempt to do something that could lead to an accident.


The first and most obvious benefit of manual handling training is that the number of workers’ compensation cases you have to deal with will decrease. You will see fewer workplace injuries related to manual handling, leaving your employees healthier. You’ll feel pride in the fact that you helped protect your employees from injury and your business from additional insurance claims. At the same time, your employees will feel more in control of their work environment and thankful that their safety issues were addressed in a constructive and helpful manner.


Customised Training

While manual handling training is great, you do want to make certain that the training fits with your safety regulations and overall workplace needs. That’s why working with a training company that offers flexible programs is ideal. For example, Work Active manual handling training can be tailored to your business’s specific needs. The training will work from your safety standards and will comply with all Awareness of Occupational Health & Safety regulations. The trainer will work with your own equipment and in your own workplace to show your employees how to correctly and safely avoid accidents related to manual handling, taking into account any special circumstances you may have.

Prevention is Key

Why wait until someone is injured before you step in and get your employees the training and the help needed to avoid manual handling accidents? By engaging in practices that help to prevent these accidents and giving your employees the training they need to see how accidents could occur from multiple angles, you’ll not only reduce the number of injuries, but you’ll create educated employees who can pass this training on to new employees. Those who leave your business may even tell their new employers about the benefits of manual handling training. The end result could be a major decrease in injuries in many businesses, creating a healthier workforce overall.

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