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Signs of Heart Attack at the Earliest – Let your Heart Beats More Than it Wishes

Heart attack has now become a very common disease among the people. It is commonly known as silent killer, as we never know when it will happen and it’s very hard to survive it. Sometimes there might be symptoms of heart attack in days or weeks before but most of the time it happens suddenly. There is even chance for the victim to die on spot, if he/she doesn’t receive any first aid.

Learning some immediate first aid is good, as we never know when it would be in use. A CPR trained person will be able to save a life, if he/she provides the assistance to the patient at the right time. You are also recommended to keep some emergency contact at your reach.


Even though we can’t make out when it will happen, there are some precautions that we need to take, so that we could avoid a tragic situation. That is, to know the early signs of heart disease. The signs will differ according to the condition. Chest pain and discomfort is the commonly known indication of heart attack among both men and women, but it might vary. There are situations in which the person suffering from heart attack may only experience mild chest pain.

Common signs of heart attack are:

  • Chest pain
  • Irregular heart beat
  • Coughing
  • Dizziness etc.

There are certain symptoms like sexual problems, snoring, bleeding gums etc. that we may tend to ignore as they don’t connect with heart. Exactly what happens is that, when heart fails, the symptoms might be shown throughout the body. The symptoms might be minimal but it is very dangerous than the normal signs.

In male, sexual dysfunction is the main symptom for heart failure. Women do not experience the same feel as men when heart attack strikes. The early signs of heart disease in women are chest pain, arm or neck pain, stomach pain etc. For women who are in post-menopausal period are more prone to heart attacks as there will be variations in their blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Snoring is another symptom of heart disease that we might ignore but it’s also dangerous as it indicates poor blood flow to heart.  Heart patients will experience unbearable pains on their shoulders and necks. Another symptom of heart failure is unhealthy gums.

“Prevention is better than cure”, so take care of your health before it becomes too late. If any one of your family member is suffering from heart attack or stroke then others in the family should check for familial hypercholesterolemia because sometimes it might be a genetic issue. Most importantly, early signs of heart attacks should not be ignored as it may make the situation even worse. Consult the doctor and take the treatment at the earliest in case you are diagnosed with heart disease.

For any further queries regarding heart disease, about its symptoms or precaution you can contact the FH foundation, who can enhance you by giving satisfactory answers to your doubt. The different awareness program the association organizes is throwing light in many people’s life.

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