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How to Get Exercise as a New Mother

Exercise is probably the last thing on a new mother’s mind. After all, there are a lot more urgent things you can think of doing. This includes sleeping, eating, showering, and getting some housework done. However, exercise is not just for fitness purposes. Whether or not you want to lose that baby weight, you should get in at least half an hour of activity each day. In addition to keeping you healthy, it will also provide you with more energy, and make you feel more mentally alert. There’s no denying that exercising with a new infant can be difficult. Here is how to get that workout in, nonetheless:


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Walk It Off

When your infant is a newborn, it can be difficult to do anything too strenuous. They are too little and you are probably too tired, not to mention still recovering from labour. During this period, it is all about light exercise, such as taking a walk in the park or around the neighbourhood. For this, get a good quality stroller such as Baby Jogger. This way you can make sure that your little one stays comfortable and content as you stroll around. In addition to ensuring that you get some much needed cardio, you also get to introduce your little one to their surroundings.

Do Housework

One of the things that you may notice as a new mom is that the dishes are piling up and dust is everywhere. Also, the floor is suspiciously sticky. What you may not realize is these are actually offering you a great opportunity to get a workout in. A couple of hours doing housework can burn a significant amount of calories. Simple things like vacuuming, mopping, and doing garden work will help you drop those stubborn pounds. Even caring for your newborn can help you burn some serious calories. Now you do not have to feel guilty about tending to your chores anymore. You will actually be able to spend less time exercising later on.

Join a Group

If you look around, you are going to find a lot of groups specifically targeting new mothers and their little ones. You will even be surprised just how many there are in your neighbourhood. This is a great way for you get some exercise and connect with others in your position. Not only will you be able to get fit, you will also be able to partake in a whole new social group. It really will do wonders for your overall mood and wellbeing.

Stay Indoors

Not everyone is able to go outside each time that they want to get a workout in. This does not mean that you have to give up your exercise, however. The internet and DVDs are great sources of guidance when it comes to working out at home. Most of these instructional videos do not even need specialized equipment. So the next time your baby is taking a nap, turn it on and break a sweat. You will definitely feel more energized.

It might take a little planning but you will manage to figure out how to exercise and be attentive to your little one at the same time.

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