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5 Great Ideas for the Perfect Breasts

Breasts have captured the imagination of both men and women for centuries. Poems have been written about them and ballads are still composed praising the perfect looking breasts on a woman. However, it is not always easy to have finely shaped breasts and every woman knows this. It is no wonder then that the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) ranks breast surgery as the top cosmetic procedure in the U.S for over a decade.

A review published on Science Daily shows that breast augmentation procedures have increased by 89% over the last 15 years. While these procedures might be effective for some, there are still side effects to worry about. Worse still, they are very expensive and this is where simple and natural care for your breasts comes in handy.

Here are some simple ideas to ensure you get those perfectly rounded and firm breasts:

  1. Eat Healthy

One of the greatest health risks for the modern woman is of course breast cancer. Research shows that eating certain foods reduces this risk. Yellow fruits and vegetables rank highly among the recommended foods for women of any age. Oily fish, avocado and eggs contain invaluable omega-3 fatty acids. Foods rich in magnesium prevent breast swelling and tenderness, which is a common problem especially for breast feeding mothers. Consuming antioxidants-laden foods also reduces breast problems.

  1. Herbs and Supplements

There are various herb-based breast serums that can greatly enhance your breast shape and health. Puerariamirifica is an example of the highly recommended breast lifting supplements in the market. The supplements either boost your breast’s health by supplying important nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids or help to tone breast shape by supplying antioxidants, and other nourishing ingredients.

  1. Choose the Right Bra Size

Health experts have exhorted this fact for a long time but most women don’t want to listen. The result has been an increase in breast complications including cancer. The wrong bra size ruins ligaments that firm your breasts leading to sagging and other complications. It is important to get measured to ensure you are not squeezing your breasts into diseases.

  1. Check Your Body Weight

It is no secret that poor lifestyles are causing most of the health problems in the world today. One major issue is prevalence of overweight and obese cases especially among women. This in turn affects the outlook of your breasts. To avoid this, make sure you exercise regularly and also focus on toning the muscles below the breast. If you are looking for that perfect breast shape, you will have to work for it.

  1. Know and Love Your Breasts

This is the easiest yet the most ignored technique in breast care. Health experts have beseeched women to get intimate with their breasts in order to detect any problems early enough. It is important to regularly check the entire breast including the texture, color and signs of lumps. Any changes on the area around the nipple must immediately be reported to your doctor. In essence, don’t ignore anything when it comes to your breasts.

Getting the ideal breast shape requires your input. Make sure you know your breasts. In addition, use highly recommended serums to pamper your breasts. The results will amaze you.

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