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Bodybuilding and muscle extraction

Boxers and bodybuilders incorporate many of the features of elite athleticism, including endurance, strength, and coordination. However, both sports also differ in many respects. Boxers and bodybuilders train with different performance goals, which mean specialized training and specific measures of progress. Of course, boxers benefit from weight lifting and bodybuilders benefit from agility drills, so that both activities are not completely isolated.



According to the reports on Nootriment, bodybuilding is an aesthetic sport by definition. Bodybuilders are judged for their aesthetic presentation, not their ability. For bodybuilders, weight training and athletic conditioning serve as a means to obtain a specific body composition, not as a means of improving performance. On the other hand, boxers train for a fight. Their training focuses on improving skills and performance, so they can beat their opponents in the role of competition, not aesthetics. Boxers run, trained in boxing and complete other exercises in order to obtain better results. Boxing does improve physical appearance, but it is not the aim of this sport.

Muscle mass against the definition

Bodybuilders aim to increase muscle mass. They lift heavy loads in small repetition in order to sculpt large and symmetric muscles. Reports on Nootriment say that bodybuilders do not have to worry about the functionality since the focus is on the aesthetic appearance, not performance.

Cardiovascular conditioning

Boxers perform a much cardiovascular exercise. A competitive boxing bout involves up to 12 rounds of two or three minutes of constant movement, which loads both the lungs and muscles. Reports on Nootriment suggest that most boxing exercises prepare the individual to survive a fight. The work of pads, heavy bags, combat simulation, jumping rope and circuit training, mimic all the different movements and techniques needed in the ring while proving the general physical and muscular endurance. For bodybuilders, cardiovascular conditioning reduces the percentage of body fat, so muscle is more visible. No improvement competitive performance and therefore is not the focus of training.

Weight control

They usually focus on reducing weight and get into a lower division, while bodybuilders aspire to gain as much muscle as your body and genetic composition allows them to.

Congestion muscle (muscle swelling) that is achieved with light weights and high reps is achieved because the extra muscle time under tension causes become congested with blood. This forces you to stretch to accommodate the excess fluid, gaining in size. In the long term, this mechanism requires the muscle cell to adapt to reinforce and strengthen their muscle fibers. At the same time enhances protein synthesis, which allows repair and muscle growth after exercise.

Today, much more research is needed to determine if hyperplasia is possible. Evidence that hyperplasia occurs in human subjects is scarce (it has experienced in the avian model), and if it occurs, the effects on the cross section of muscle appear to be minimal. Most exercises cause hypertrophy, which is increased muscle cross section and diameter that is increasing the size of the fiber. Practical application: Perform 8-12 repetitions of dumbbell chest openings. In the last repetition, hold the weight 30 “so as to pull the arms to the ground about 5 cm, slightly stretching the pectoral, deltoid and biceps. Do 3 sets. Caution, if the weights are high or but careful, because of the risk of injury to muscles, tendons or ligaments is high. Stop if you feel any immediate jerk, burning or unpleasant sensation. You need to understand that the strength and muscles that are built slowly over time the last longer.

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