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Clenbuterol – Benefits for individuals and Sports People

Clenbuterol induces muscle protein synthesis. It effects skeletal muscle and will promote growth. It also helps in recovering after injury. It helps in retaining the muscle preservation effects. The change is not seen in fasting but with a deficit calorie intake over long period shows effects. It increases the muscle fiber cell. Clenbuterol helps in fat burning with beta 2 adrenergic agonism. It is an B2agonist which is highly selective. It helps in burning fat and increases the intra cellular levels which will have the downstream effect. This clenbuterol will affect the signals of adipocytes. As clenbuterol acts as beta adrenergic agonist it will induce potassium loss and it will deplete Taurine from the human body. The levels of potassium and taurine are depleted when using clenbuterol and causes side effects like cramping and hydration. Dropping weight and taking supplements along with weight loss is necessary. This Clenbuterol is a supplement which works. It was prescribed for people suffering with asthma and other breathing conditions. It also aids in weight loss.

It is banned so sports people should be careful

If a person is looking to use clenbuterol and is a sports person, they must make sure if it is in banned is. If yes and they use it then they may have to face legal consequences. The research is still going and in on animals. This mechanism and the usage is not reasonable and many suspect how it works on humans. When this is used as fat mass, the effect is notable and the research results are high, the fat reduction is high and is more than any other fat burners like ephedrine. This Clenbuterol has muscle protein synthesis in it and it is due tomTOR-dependent. Induction occurs and this influences androgenic signaling. Clenbuterol is also banned here.


When clenbuterol is taken weight training must be done for at least maintaining the muscle structure present. When diet and exercise are done the actual results are shown by clenbuterol. It does not depend on the dose and body. But when a person is using clenbuterol, they are sure to experience body fat loss for nearly four or five percent in each month. After the fat percentage is put down then they see slow reduction in fat loss. This is because their body has less fat which is used as fuel for burning. Then the person sees slight muscle mass reduction as the muscle tissues will be consumed with fat. Clenbuterol is commonly used as post cycle therapy as it helps in recovery. It burns body fat in a fat rate, so a person can eat to gain muscle. It also helps in strengthening the body during their workouts. It can also be taken as pre workout energy booster. Workout with weight training is important. Without weight training there will be muscle mass loss when only cardio is done. As it has fat burning properties, it speeds the lean muscle mass and helps in cutting. Once excess fat is reduced, muscle can be grown easily.

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