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10 Oral health Tips for Children

Oral health is an important foundation to be built in a kids mind and some of the tips to maintain good oral health has been shown by the Freelancer health writers of Contentmart.com. The following tips will help your children maintain best oral health.

1) Start proper oral hygiene from the beginning- cleaning the infant’s gums with clean cloth and water soaked cotton is a good option to maintain oral hygiene.


2) Brushing with soft and gentle brush which has small bristles and fluoridated toothpaste at the start

3) Once the kid is at the age when they can understand the basic techniques of brushing teeth, they must be told howto properly use the toothbrush and the proper method of brushing. In the beginning assistance must be given to child to help them learn the proper way to brush. After a certain age about 6 years the child must develop the technique of brushing alone without assistance

4)Water is a vital aspect of brushing, in some areas children suffer from tooth aches and other oral problems due to the water. Water in some places is hard and affects the oral health of children. High PH levels of water can decay the teeth easily. Checking on the water which the child is using is important


5) Avoid putting bottle in the child’s mouth while they area sleep. Foods containing sugar like milk or breast milk can result in tooth decay due to constant exposure of the teeth to sugar.

6) Visiting a dentist regularly is important for proper oral hygiene. The dentist would suggest things that suit your child and are appropriate for the oral hygiene of your child,this would help your prevent any oral disease. Your child can learn how to check his cavities and avoid future tooth decays from a good dentist.

7)Sugar is a major reason most of the kids suffer from oral health problems and tooth decay. Sugar gets accumulated in the teeth resulting in tooth decay and cavity formation. Most of the foods children eat have sugar content. Reduction in sugar consumption is a great option to avoid dental decay.


8)Children should be taught how to floss because floss removes any food that is stuck inside two teeth which sometimes brushing cannot remove. Every child must know basic flossing technique.

9)Support your child in case any oral problem erupts, avoid saying things like” it would hurt a lot” so that the child is not scared of visiting the dentist.

10)The last one would be keep your home safe to avoid any dental injuries to the kid.

The health content writers jobs at contentmart.com provide the above tips based on their own experiences.

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