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5 High Authority Websites to Learn about Healthcare Training

There are several websites online that are dedicated to healthcare training. It is these websites that can help a healthcare professional to expand upon their skills, as well as help newbies to begin in the healthcare field or to care for an elderly patient. For those who want the convenience of learning at home when they can devote the time, these websites are the top of the line for your training.


This website is dedicated to providing training via online courses for those who are in the healthcare field. Many healthcare institutions choose this website for a way to continue to expand upon the skills of their trained employees. They offer:

  • Regulatory training
  • Continuing education
  • Customised training

Caring for Care

This website is devoted to healthcare training, and is a nationwide provider of this education. They offer:

  • Care training
  • Clinic training
  • First aid training

They offer healthcare professionals the chance to customise their courses to find the best way to increase your skills.

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This e-learning website offers several different healthcare training pr0ograms that are meant to increase your learning in the healthcare field. They offer courses on:

  • Antimicrobial resistance
  • Acute NIV
  • Blood transfusion
  • Dementia
  • Compassion in practice
  • Audiology
  • eAsthma
  • Sepsis
  • Safe use of insulin

And numerous other courses. Their courses would be great for current healthcare professionals to learn more in their field and to keep up to date on the latest technologies that are being used.

Healthcare CPR/BLS

This healthcare website is dedicated to those professionals who are in the emergency care field. These professionals have to complete the annual BLS training that is needed to practice in the field. The website offers several courses including:

  • First aid
  • First aid at work
  • Infection control
  • Paediatric
  • Medications
  • Fire safety
  • Transport
  • Medical procedures

And several more. These course contain videos and certification that can all be completed online with ease.

Skills for Health

This is a website devoted to e-learning opportunities for the healthcare field. They offer several courses that are all completed online. These courses include:

  • Statutory and mandatory UK Core Skills such as fire safety, infection control, health safety, as well as patient moving and handling
  • Clinical and care UK Core Skills such as duty of care, consent, fluids and nutrition, awareness of mental health, blood transfusion, as well as several other courses
  • They also offer primary care courses for those beginning in the healthcare field

For those who are looking to expand upon their skills, these online courses can be just the way to do this. In most cases, they are considered great alternatives to sitting in a classroom learning the same skills.

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