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Use of Hifu Focal therapy for prostate cancer

Out of the several treatments for the prostate cancer, HIFU focal therapy is the best and effective one.  The doctors are using this therapy for treating the prostate cancer at the early stage. There are lots of people who actually do not know, what is HIFU? HIFU is an acronym for High intensity focused ultrasound which is one of the most effective treatments for prostate cancer. In this therapy the high intensity sound waves are allowed to beam on the target area of prostate and kill the cancerous cells which are then removed from the body by the natural processes. Focal therapy is done to treat the tissues in the prostate glands which are affected by cancer very precisely by the HIFU therapy. It does not affect the other healthy parts of the prostate. HIFU for prostate cancer is done by the licensed oncologists at the registered clinics. There are some specialized HIU centers which offer only HIFU treatment to the patients.


Right candidate for HIFU

Focal hifu therapy is not for everyone.  Patient who is considered good for the HIFU therapy should have low to medium grade of prostate cancer which is located to the specific area in prostate. Hence, the key for success of the HIFU therapy is to select the right patient. Diagnosis is done to identify the right patients before providing the treatment to them.

Benefits of the focal HIFU therapy

Following are some of the benefits of the focal HIFU therapy:

  • It helps in immediate detection of the prostate cancer.
  • There are less side effects of the side gland therapy.
  • It is a non invasive treatment so recovery time is less.
  • It is a cost effective treatment than the surgical process for treatment prostate cancer.
  • It is painless treatment.
  • Ideal for killing cancer cells and prevents its spread to the other organs.

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