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Stone Age Trends in Healthy Eating

Our ancestors lived a very different lifestyle to our modern way of life, with no technology, and very basic tools, they lived successfully, evolving through the Paleolithic period as a healthy species. Their diet consisted of red and white meats, and lots of fruit and vegetables, as there were in abundance at the time.

A natural diet

With limited resources, the people lived off the land, with nature providing everything they needed. Fruits and berries, which are high in antioxidants, were often on the menu, and for millions of years, homo sapiens developed on a purely natural diet. Fish, seafood, and raw fruits and vegetables, made up a large part of the daily diet, along with a variety of nuts. For more detailed information, visit www.dietapaleo.org, a Spanish website that follows the Paleo Diet.

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Farming arrived

Around ten thousand years ago, agriculture evolved, and for the first time, humans began to raise farm animals, then they discovered they could drink the milk for nourishment. Grain was farmed, and soon became an integral part of the diet, and as civilisation began to incorporate technology, additives and preservatives were used to process the food, along with other harmful ingredients.

Modern Disease

It is thought that early humans were not affected by cancer or heart disease. It would be true to say that life would have been full of dangers, but the food they consumed was healthy, and more importantly, free of additives. If we consider that the animals that are processed into the meat we consume, are fed chemicals and other harmful things, in order to speed up the growing process, or increase the weight of the animal, we can see why it makes sense to avoid consuming such food.

There are said to be harmful toxins present in the processed meat products of today, and the Paleo Diet forbids the consumption of anything that has been processed. One can eat meat only if the animal was grass fed, rather than grain, and free range poultry is permitted, while eliminating any processed meat or fish.


A diet that consists of seafood will contain high levels of Omega-3, a fatty acid that is beneficial to our good health. Certain species of fish, such as salmon, mackerel andtuna, have higher concentrations of fatty acids, so are a healthy option.

Healthy Eating

You are the boss

If you decide to follow the Paleo Diet, you’ll be pleased to know that you can eat as much and as often as you wish. You will have to abstain from a long list of food groups, but apart from that, it’s all about freedom and natural behaviour. One is not limited as to how much food one consumes, neither does one have to eat at certain times, allowing complete freedom regarding meals.

Grass-fed animals

If you do consume meat, it must come from a grass-fed animal, as the meat from a grain-fed creature is thought to be unhealthy. All grain products should be avoided, as it is believed that they upset the natural balance of a healthy intake of food.

The Paleo Diet has now become so popular, and more people are realising that healthy eating isn’t about small portions, it’s more about eating the right things, and avoiding food groups that are known to be harmful.

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