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Tips To Overcome ED And Enhance Sexual Performance

Physical health issues can cause ED, especially in older males. Obesity, HBP, and diabetes are linked with erectile dysfunction, so live healthy lifestyle to avert ED. Young males suffer from ED due to stress, anxiety, or psychological trauma of distressing sexual experience. Psychological issues can be overcome using medication in young men but in old men it is wise to talk to a doctor, so as to diagnose and treat core physical causes.

According to current research, erectile dysfunction exercises like pelvic floor workouts are effective. This exercise train muscles surrounding the penis and enhances blood flow in that area. It even augments your ability to attain and maintain an erection.


Overcome the cause of ED

A daily workout enhances your general health as well as boosts your performance. A sequence of lingering bad habits like smoking and excessive drinking can damage the tissues responsible for erection. Generally, blood vessel weakening is the core cause of ED.

Therefore it is necessary to quit smoking, avoid excessive drinking, control & monitor cholesterol and BP levels and maintain healthy diet. If you fall under overweight category then your cardiovascular system may be put under strain, so it is sensible to lose weight.

Exercising daily and combining it with healthy lifestyle is the natural way to improve blood flow. Below are some tips to overcome side-effects of medications or health conditions.

Tips for better overall health and sex life


Just half an hour walk is one of the best exercises to fight ED. Research has revealed that moderate exercise has helped to reinstate erection in obese middle aged males suffering from ED.

Balanced diet

Eating a balanced food that includes whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and fish with little processed meat reduces the possibility of ED. B12 deficiency can cause ED but regular intake of multivitamin and prepared food is the best solution for older elders, who absorb vitamin B12 poorly.

Keep an eye on your vascular health

Diabetes, HBP, high cholesterol, and increased triglycerides can damage heart and brain arteries causing stroke, which can reach the penis sourcing ED issues. Low level of good cholesterol along with expanding waistline can also contribute. Therefore have a vascular system checkup to find out if it is healthy or needs tuning up through changes in lifestyle or if necessary medications.

Waistline matters

Trim waistline is good. For example, a male with 43” waistline has 50% chances of suffering from ED issues in comparison to a 33” waist. Attaining a healthy weight as well as maintaining it is another good technique to avoid or fix ED. Excess fat interferes with hormonal functions, which can contribute to ED. For example, obesity increases the risk of diabetes and vascular disease, which are the two main cause of ED.

Move your pelvic muscles

A strong pelvic floor improves rigidity necessary during erections. It prevents the blood from leaving your penis by pressurizing the main vein firmly. Daily set of kegel exercises done twice strengthens the pelvic muscles. Moreover, if you combine it with lifestyle changes can work much better

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