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Things You Must Not Do When Dressing a Wound

Once the injury is done, there is no point in lamenting about it. You need to remedy the situation by utilizing the right first-aid method. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware about the right methods to follow. This unawareness can influence you to use the incorrect technique, which can and will make the injury worse. At such situations, you will have no choice but to use the help of a physician. Therefore, it is important for you to be aware of things that can deteriorate your condition. The following are some things that you must never, ever do when you have a flesh wound.


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Do Not Use Hydrogen Peroxide

When it comes to minor injuries, most people always use hydrogen peroxide since it helps you to prevent the wound from getting infected. While it is important to protect the wound from bacteria contamination, it is equally important to make sure that the wound will heal faster. When using hydrogen peroxide, the healing of the wound tends to take a longer time. Therefore, it is best to apply a simple ointment or an antiseptic cream such as Savlon. Such ointments will enable you to prevent the growth of bacteria while healing the wound at a faster pace.

Stay Away from Your Pet

As much you love your dog, it is important for you to keep him or away when you are dressing a wound. If your pet realizes that you are in pain, he or she will try to help by licking the injured area. Although this sounds really sweet, do know that it is not at all safe for your condition. This “act of kindness” can make the wound margin both thick and swollen. Therefore, it is best to keep your doggy away when you are applying medication on your wound.

Ignoring the Wound

When it comes to dressing a wound, most people tend to forget that the process is a regular one. It is absolutely essential for you to clean the wound, reapply the medication and use a new piece of bandage every once in a while. If you fail to change your dressing or stop with the first try, it can lead to serious complications such as inflammation, slowed healing and infection. Therefore, make sure to take care of the wound on the long-term until it completely heals.

Using Strong Antiseptics to Wash Wounds

Although it is okay to apply such medication on the wound, never wash the injured area with strong antiseptic medication. Although traditional beliefs suggest that using alcohol or hydrogen peroxide can be helpful to clean the wound, it is actually not. Although these type of substances keep the wound safe from infection, do know that it can damage your cells can prevent healing.

Make sure to avoid the above mistakes at all costs since it can interfere with your healing process and make the injury worse.

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