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Newport Beach Skin Care Review

I am a 39 year old woman who loves to look amazing – who doesn’t anyway, right? Although I look young for my age, a few months ago I started noticing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around my eyes. I didn’t like it! Although I take care of myself and apply some creams on a regular basis to my skin, I knew I needed some extra help with this issue. That’s why I decided to look for a dermatologist right away.

At first I didn’t know where to go. I am very careful when choosing clinics and even products for myself and will only use those that I consider are safe and will deliver optimal results. I asked various friends of mine and some of them suggested their own personal dermatologists for my condition. This wasn’t enough for me. I then browsed the internet and picked Dr. Jefrey Lauber recommended by my friend Rita given the extensive list of positive reviews and high ratings he has been given by numerous people (just like you are probably doing right now by reading this site). Also, I started trusting Dr. Lauber even before meeting him because I had personally seen the positive change that Rita had on her face after after a few facial treatments she had in Newport Beach Skin Care.


I contacted Newport Beach Skin Care Specialist immediately after doing my “research” and booked my appointment with Dr. Lauber. He was very polite very professional throughout the whole process. I told him that I wanted to improve the appearance of the skin around my eyes where I had developed some fine lines. With utmost care he checked me and suggested that the most suitable treatment would be the Micro-pen. I didn’t know what that was. Then, he clearly explained to me that it was a highly innovative micro-needling system that would stimulate my skin to produce collage which would then make my skin look finer. With high expectations, I then scheduled the procedure.

During the Micro-pen procedure I was given some anesthetics and I felt little pain throughout the whole session. Before the procedure, I had read some horror stories in regards to how painful the Micro-pen was. However, Dr. Lauber made it so that it looked like child’s play to me. The BEST THING was that right from the first session I started noticing results! I think my skin improved around 50%! I couldn’t imagine how it would look like once we finished the three suggested sessions. i wasn’t wrong. After the three months (I had three sessions spaced 6 weeks between them), I looked even younger than how I looked before the actual wrinkles appeared in my face. It turned out that not only the wrinkles had disappeared, but my skin had an additional glow which wasn’t present ever before. Thank you so much Dr. Lauber!

I strongly encourage anyone who has skin issues to visit Dr. Lauber’s office at 320 Superior Ave, 395 Newport Beach, CA 92663, It is easy to schedule an appointment – Phone: (949) 646-9098, and the best thing is that it is not only your skin that will improve, your life and self-esteem will also get a boost! This is my experience with the service. Needless to say, I give this Newport Beach Dermatologist a 5-star rating!

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