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Thermalift: How It Works, Benefits and its Common Misconceptions

Thermalift is a non-invasive non-surgical procedure that is used to lift the face. Initially, it was developed to assist with the signs of aging. Some of the signs that come with old age include wrinkles around the forehead, lower face, eyes, and lower neck. This process not only tightens the skin but also tones it to create a more sculptured and a contoured appearance.

How it works

This procedure is done using radio frequency procedure known as Thermacool. It uses this technology to create a controlled area of heating in the dermal while at the same time cooling the heat that is introduced into the underlying tissue and the dermal layer leading to the production of collagen. This, therefore, leads to the natural contraction and the thickening of the skin. This often takes care of the wrinkles and loose skin on the epidermal layer.

This process leads to two processes that provide skin tightening and long-term positive effects. Since heat is used, an anaesthetic cream is applied to the skin before the procedure to reduce its effects on the skin, thereby, increasing the patient’s comfort during the procedure. Mostly, the doctor carrying out the procedure determines the end results. He is not only responsible for the patient’s comfort but also for controlling the amount of heat to be used. Ideally, he must make sure that maximum results are achieved.

Although this procedure takes averagely 1 hour to be performed, the length is often determined by the area being treated. However, some more time is required for skin preparation before undertaking the procedure.


When can you notice the results?

Most people begin to see the results after only 3 weeks but good results are often realized after 6 months. The 4 months after the procedure allows your dermal skin to gain a new improved collagen that increases the skin elasticity and firming thereby reducing wrinkles and lose skin. The results of this process can, however, last in many years depending on the patient’s aging process. According to researchers, only one procedure is enough to ensure that your skin remains firm and retain a much younger look. However, you can still do multiple procedures in the same area without negative effects.


Thermalift procedure boasts of a number of benefits and has also been approved by many health organizations as safe. This procedure is very effective in treating sagging buttocks and thighs, stretch marks and loose abdominal skin. It can also tone and tighten the excess skin under the arms.

As compared to other procedures, this process is fast and less painful since it’s non-invasive and non-surgical. It does not need any incision to be done on the skin.

This procedure is also easy and fast. This implies that the process does not require too much time to be done hence many patients prefer it.

More so, after the procedure, you do not need a long time to recuperate. As a matter of fact, it does not take long to heal. You can return to your normal activities immediately after the procedure.

It can also accommodate all types of skins making it one of the best procedures. This is ideal as compared to laser procedures which cannot be performed in other types of skins.

The common misconceptions about Thermalift

Some people think that patients have to deal with dropping jaws and wrinkles around the face and the neck. More so, some even think that this procedure is a form of surgery that leads to the peeling of the skin meaning that you will have to go through several months of healing. All these are mere misconceptions since the process restores back the skin to its normal flawless nature without the surgery.

As you grow old, the elastic fiber within your skin stretches beyond its limit and becomes loose. This is why you start noticing wrinkles around your skin and all over your skin once again. With Thermalift, you will tighten these fibers again and in about a few months your skin will be back to normal. This procedure can be done on any part of the body depending on where you want it. Whether it is your face or the area around your neck you stand to enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

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