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Medical and health concerns in Egypt

Ancient Egyptian medicines were highly advanced and quite progressive. They had come up with non-invasive surgery and setting of bones. Even the modern health care of the country is quite progressive and nearly everyone has access to the medical facility. It is very easy to book an appointment as you could do it online. You could book the best doctors in Egypt from the comfort of your home through various online sites as Vezeeta.com the biggest booking platform in Egypt and MEA. Doctors in Egypt speak good English and have attended Western-training. Even many students belonging to the neighboring Africa and Arab countries come to Egypt to study medicine in their universities.

Finding the doctor

The best way to find a good doctor for you is by asking for referrals.  Ask your co-workers, neighbors and friends. You could also check out the recommendations and opinions given on various forums.  The consulate or the embassy will also offer the approved doctor’s listings. Even the insurance companies do have the approved medical practitioner’s list.

Another way to find doctor is through online search engines. You would get all the details and the contact information of any doctor.



Most of the hospitals and the doctors expect the settlement of bill through cash payment, regardless if you have an insurance policy. You need to collect all the receipts for getting a reimbursement from the insurance provider later on. Few of the private hospitals accept the insurance policies if the policy is covered for the treatment done abroad.  Check the policies whenever you go abroad or while you purchase the international or travel insurance.

Precautionary steps

If you are planning to relocate of Egypt or going for a short stint of time, there are few things to be kept in mind. Few are listed below.

  • Summer heat can be quite extreme, hence, ensure that you are well hydrated all the time.
  • Use mosquito repellant cream or get proper netting done to avoid mosquito bites as there are many illnesses that spread through mosquito bites.
  • Frequent hand washing is a compulsory habit you need to follow here.

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