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10 Reasons That Make Canadian Maple Syrup An Optimal Choice

Maple Syrup is one of the most popular sweeteners that come along with numerous health benefits. This could be an essential component in creating well balanced, healthy diet. If you are a diabetic patient and are not allowed to eat sweet dishes and desserts or beverages, then you can consider replacing your sweetener with Canadian Maple Syrup.

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Let us see some of the incredible facts about this maple syrup:

  1. Maple syrup is 100% organic, pure, natural sweetener containing more than fifty phytochemicals and plant-oriented components.
  2. Maple syrup is rich in amino acids and is said to be the excellent source of riboflavin and manganese. Of course, it has low to zero level sodium.
  3. The syrup is also enriched with phenolic compounds, a kind of plant derived compounds with diverse biological effects that ensure optimal human health.
  4. Maple Syrup is also rich in antioxidant, which means that it eliminates free radicals from your body and improves overall health condition.
  5. The antioxidant activity present in maple syrup is 50% higher than orange and strawberry juices.
  6. The phenolic effect of maple syrup is known to have incredible effects and has the ability of preventing the replication and growth of human cancer cells. Apart from this, the syrup is also rich in components that prevent the development of colon cancer cell.
  7. Maple syrup is also rich in Lignan, which is known to have anti carcinogenic effect among the health benefits.
  8. The syrup contains coumarins having anti inflammatory, anti microbial, anti viral, anti coagulant, anti tumor properties.
  9. Maple Syrup retards the growth of lung cancer and prostate cancer cells.
  10. Even the production of nitric oxide, which is responsible for promoting metastasis and tumor invasion, is also inhibited by maple syrup. Even liver diseases can also be prevented by taking maple syrup in your diet.

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