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5 hot tub myths that simply aren’t true

Despite the fact hot tubs can improve your well-being, enable you to spend quality time with the whole family, are great for entertaining friends and colleagues at parties, and even have the potential to increase the value of your home, some people have preconceived or stereotypical views about them! The vast majority of which are simply untrue.

Unfortunately, this means would-be hot tub owners are sometimes put off the idea of making a purchase even though it could enhance and enrich their lives. So, to restore consumer faith, here are 5 hot tub myths debunked.

  1. Hot tubs aren’t sanitary

A big misconception that several people seem to buy into is that hot tubs, particularly public ones, aren’t sanitary. However, the filtration systems found in most hot tubs will be about the same size as a swimming pool, even though it has to cycle through much less water. What’s more, hot tub owners that care about their personal spas will always keep on top of chemical levels and refill the water every three months or so.

  1. Hot tubs are expensive to run

Most modern hot tubs are designed and developed with the latest technology in mind to increase energy efficiency and reduce your reliance on electricity and water.

Hot tub

For example, Energy Smart hot tubs from renowned manufacturer and distributor HotSpring World feature multiple layers of high-density insulation, custom-fitting spa covers, an economical circulation pump, and innovative control systems for the jets, heaters, and lights.

  1. Hot tubs require a lot of work

Seeing as hot tubs are always protected by a tight fitting cover, the only time they will be exposed to the elements is during use. This means you don’t have to fish out leaves, dirt or insects every time you want to get in, which is what swimming pool owners must constantly deal with. Cleaning a hot tub only takes around five minutes a week too. In fact, it’s as simple as topping up the cleaning chemicals and giving it a good scrub when you drain and refill the water.

  1. Hot tubs need plenty of horsepower and jets

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the more horsepower and jets, the better. In many respects, the opposite is true. Hot tubs with lots of horsepower will increase your electricity bill without necessarily providing better performance. So, always look at the water volume output of a hot tub, not the horsepower. The placement of jets is also more important than numbers alone. To fit multiple jets into a hot tub, they will need to be smaller and thus less effective.

  1. Hot tub water makes your eyes burn

It is fair to say that high levels of chlorine can cause irritation among people with sensitive skin. However, it does not cause bathers’ eyes to burn in a hot tub, as this is more likely due to an imbalanced pH level or alkalinity. Low pH results in acidic water, while high alkalinity makes the water caustic. To prevent irritation, the water needs to be checked, adjusted, and balanced once a week.

Well that’s it folks, that is our top 5 myths – or urban legends – relating to spas and hot tubs, we hope you liked them, leave a comment if you did, thanks for reading!

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