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Complications of Cosmetic Surgery You Must Know and How to Reduce the Risks

With the visible and obvious benefits of cosmetic surgery, more and more people are now opting for the technique to improve their appearance. During the last decade, there has been an ever-increasing growth in the number of individuals in Singapore who were found undergoing a plastic or cosmetic surgery. Although the results can be amazing for most of the people, there are too many risks involved. Here are some common problems related to cosmetic surgeries and how to reduce your risk.

  1. Botches

The most common problem with cosmetic procedures is beauty botches that appear after the surgery. In other words, new problem areas in your body are created as you try to correct some other part. According to a study published in The New York Times, liposuction done to remove fat from the thighs may show up unevenly on the upper parts of the body, once you regain weight. This may have an adverse effect on your overall figure and you must consider the consequences once before undergoing the surgery.


  1. Infection

The chances of infection after a cosmetic surgery are high as with any other surgery. Though all precautionary measures are taken to prevent an infection after the procedure, many people experience mild to severe infection. Procedures like breast augmentation may cause a skin infection called cellulitis in 2-4 % of people undergoing it. It is important to reach your surgeon as soon as you spot the first sign of infection. This will reduce further damage and prevent your correction procedure from getting worse.

  1. Complications with anaesthesia

A surgical process involves anaesthesia to reduce pain during the entire process. There are certain risks involved with it, such as lung infections, heart attacks and even death in some cases. These are linked with general anaesthesia. Some people have been found to experience anaesthesia awareness that is gaining consciousness before the surgery ends, which is another complication that may occur.

  1. Painful bruises

There is always an increased chance of bleeding with any surgery. After a cosmetic surgery, there can be a collection of blood under the skin that appears as a bruise. The condition is known as hematoma and can be painful and is common in men undergoing a facelift. Since more follicles and blood vessels are present due to beard in men, bruising is more prevalent as compared to women. Although a hematoma is also common after a breast augmentation, usually, another surgery is needed to remove the blood collected under the surface of the skin.

  1. Seroma

Seroma is another complication related to a plastic surgery. In some cases, there is build-up of serum present in the blood underneath the surface of the skin forming blisters. These can be painful and cause infections on other parts of the skin. A surgeon will use a needle to drain the fluid from the blister to get rid of them. Seroma is common after a tummy tuck and may require additional procedures for removing them completely.

How to reduce your risks

Although the results may seem amazing with any cosmetic surgery, there is always a risk involved which may damage your skin or nullify the purpose of the surgery. Still there are certain things you may do to reduce the complications. It is essential to consider the following factors before opting for any cosmetic procedure.

* Know if you are the right candidate for the procedure

Before undergoing any surgical procedure, it is important to know if it is suitable for you. Although most cosmetic procedures go well on young individuals, it may bring complications if you are obese or elderly. It is recommended to undergo any procedure only after accessing the risks.

* Prepare yourself

Preparing yourself is equally important before undergoing any cosmetic procedure. Talk with your family for support during the recovery time. Make sure you do not have any social obligation or are traveling during that time to reduce any stress. Also, prepare yourself for the physical and psychological pressure you are about the overcome in next few weeks.

* Find the right surgeon

The best way to reduce your risks and complications is to find the right doctor for any cosmetic procedure you wish to undergo. With so many surgeons practicing in Singapore, it may seem hard to find the right one. Start by asking questions about the qualifications and training obtained by the doctor. It is essential to consult a reputed and experienced surgeon in the field. Check the individual website and look for reviews and testimonials. Prefer a medical centre with all the facilities and well-qualified surgeons. Once you find the best surgeon, ask questions about the procedure and discuss your health concerns for a fruitful cosmetic surgery.

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