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How Recovering Addicts in Peoria Can Resist Enablers

Enablers harm where they intend to help. The substance addiction Peoria is quite aware of this and here’s how to spot and handle enablers (even if we are one ourselves).

What is Enabling?

To enable means to give someone or something the authority or means to do something.  Giving someone the means to do something isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when it comes to addiction recovery at the drug rehabilitation Peoria, it is.

What Enabling Looks Like

Enabling has many faces, which is part of how it can be so tough to spot.  It can be taking the blame for someone else and not asking them to share responsibility.  It can be giving you money when you ask, even though you spend it on your addictive behavior.  It may include making excuses for you to others, such as calling in to work sick for you when you are really hung over.

Whatever the details of what it looks like, enabling means not having you take responsibility for your own addiction.  How can we admit we have a problem when someone else is there ready to say that we don’t?

Drug Rehab

Caring vs. Enabling

Most relationships with an enabler, like other co-dependent relationships, are rooted in love.  You care about the person who has made excuses for you, just as that person made those excuses out of a desire to help you.  The problem with enabling is it is a short-term affectionate action at the expense of long-term health and survival.

Long-term wellness and freedom from substance abuse depends upon a different kind of caring.  Call it “tough love,”though it can be full of kindness.  Call it not giving up on you. Call it whatever you like, but real caring means caring enough to tell you when you are making a mistake.

How to Break the Cycle of Enabling

A big part of the recovery process can be breaking old habits and patterns, including identifying enablers and changing the nature of the relationship.  If we insist that such people get educated about what enabling is and not do it anymore, we can maintain those relationships.  If he or she “just can’t help it,”though, it might be time to cut off that toxic relationship.

If we ourselves find we’ve been enabling a loved one, it’s time to get our own care and support.  We can change our behavioral patterns and express love in a way that leads to long-term successful recovery from undergoing a drug rehab in Peoria program.  Step one is to admit we have a problem, after all.  Then get help from an addiction recovery specialist.

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