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How do Asthma Networks help patients lead a quality life?

A number of people die from asthma each day. The irony is that most of the mortalities areavertible. A poor asthma control causes disability and suffering.  It is like a tip of the iceberg, if the control is not appropriate, it may cause death also. Asthma can affect people of all ages resulting in loss of productivity. This also causes a massive cost to society. So it is important to bring down its bad effects by taking the symptoms under control.

To combat this problem, many Asthma Networks have been emerging in various parts of the world to help asthma patients be aware of the problems associated with the illness and how to stay safe in the given situations. They have set brave objectives to protect lives of Asthma patients, bring down their suffering, and reduce liability on the families. They work by setting up actions needed by the WHO, Health Authorities, Governments, and Health Practitioners. They work on the idea that a well-controlledlong-term management helps people with the problem to control and feel much better; which finally marks better efficiency of the patient, both at home and at work. Following the national or local strategies systematically helps early detection of the problem and providing an effective and a preventive treatment.

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Other issuesare the availability of quality-assured medicines. To get guaranteedaccess to authentic medicines is also an important issue for the wellbeing of asthma patients. Till the time they do not have access to the medicines they require, asthma cannot be managed. These networks also help the systematized and an accurate assessment of the globalhealth situations. It also helps to study the ongoing trends that serve critical for evidence-based judgments by public healthorganizations. They help fill the data and the gaps.

This network also serves as a great resource to find asthma action plans. The patients also get a lot of information on studies and materials that can help them lead a better life. They educate people about life threatening allergies, quality healthcare,and family support and integrate all this with the treatments and activities of life.

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