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Cancer doesn’t care – Aiming to end this endemic disease

 Cancer doesn’t care is a social organization which is completely dedicated to the mission of making the world free from the cancer. As you might all know that cancer is still the most deadly disease and although in some cases, the cure is possible; in most others it is endemic. This is why the organization is leading a revolution to make each and every one of you aware about the ways in which you can prevent this hazardous disease from having any negative impact on your body.

The organization uses various platforms with its website www.cancerdoesntcare.com being the first and the most important platform. It also makes use of the social media and although its social media pages are not that popular now, they have been getting more popular by every passing day. With their awareness campaigns and programs, they try to make you more aware about the various ways in which the cancer can get you. Here are some brief and succinct points about the various campaigns that are conducted by this organization:


  • The first and foremost aim of the mission is to make people aware and thus the volunteers with the help of various platforms make people aware of the various symptoms that might cause cancer. They will help you identify the signs that indicate the presence of various types of cancer syndromes and this early detection might help you to get right medications for the disease. You can also find images associated with the cancer types and their signs on the social media pages of the website.
  • The second thing about the campaign is to make people aware about the medications that are available for the cancer. You can get description about various medicines that may help you to get rid of different types of cancers like skin cancer.

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