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What are the Health Benefits of Cannabis Oil?

There’s been a lot of publicity recently regarding cannabis oil and the benefits it provides to users. It is well known to reduce stress and anxiety, aswell as providing a better quality of sleep for insomnia sufferers. Some other benefits include the boosting of appetite and improveddigestion. Other benefits include the reduction of pain, a treatment route for certain cancers – and even protecting your skin.

What is Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis has been used for many thousands of years, but the “taboo” that is associated with cannabis can make it difficult for first time users to go ahead and try it out. Although cannabis use is now becoming more common in the USA, some countries such as the UK still have an outright ban on cannabis. This also has knock on effects on research, as many research establishments who want to research cannabis cannot legally obtain the substance.

Cannabis oil is extracted by a process known as“steam distillation” from the flowers and leaves of a cannabis plant. The Cannabis Oil is green in appearance and is quite volatile, so it needs to be handled carefully. France is a well-known producer of Cannabis Oil, aswell as other countries which are based in Europe. Despite their production, the residents of these countries are not able to make use of the products for medicinal reasons.

Besides the medicinal benefits Cannabis Oil can provide, the oil can also be readily identified in products such as soap and candles.


Cannabis Oil Health Benefits

Anxiety and Stress

The reduction of anxiety and stress is a key reason that many people use Cannabis Oil. THC is now proven to relax the mind and have a beneficial effect on reducing stress.

Sleep Issues

For Insomnia sufferers, cannabis oil can dramatically improve the quality of sleep that users can experience. It does this by relaxing the body and mind – and in doing so reducing your heart rate which will make it easier for you to drop off to sleep. It will have associated benefits by making you feel more alert and active in the morning.

Boosting Appetite

Cannabis is often associated with the famous “munchies” and many cannabis users make use of cannabis oil for this effect in order to increase their appetite.It can promote your digestion system, which can help cannabis oil users who suffer from extreme indigestion. Cannabis oil can increase weight gain in patients who need to increase their body mass after a period of ill health.

Relieving Pain

Cannabis Oil also has pain relieving benefits. It is effective in the treatment of chronic pain and inflammation, making it ideal for arthritis sufferers.

These are just some of the benefits cannabis oil provides. Research is continuing into finding more potential uses for this little understood product. As the research builds up, the taboo associated with cannabis oil will reduce and we will see greater usage worldwide as a result.

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