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A year in maple syrup


Year round wholesale maple syrup production is extremely busy. There is work to do from January until December in this line of business. One must be prepared for what to do each season to make their wholesale maple syrup business a success.

January and February

This is when the trees are picked out and tapped. You look for a tree that is 10 to 12 inches in diameter at the minimum. A tree of this size will be around 40 years old and give out one tap. It is important to tap these trees extremely conservatively or you can kill them. If treated well they can last over 200 years.

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March and April

This is the season when the sugar inside the trees is moving about and wholesale maple syrup is beginning to form. Sap is the result of the water in the ground as it mixes with the sugar in the trees. You need to have mild winter days with below freezing nights and it causes pressure to push the sap into the tap holes.

The weather has to be very particular in order for this to occur. It goes from a line in the tree back to a tank. Some tap and bucket systems are collected by hand.


In May buds form on the trees and the taps are removed by the wholesale maple syrup producers. They begin cleaning out the equipment and selling wholesale maple syrup.

June, July, August and September

Wholesale maple syrup makers begin cutting up firewood that is used to fuel maple syrup production. The wood also needs to be stacked up and stored for the next season and production.

October, November and December

Wholesale Maple Syrup makers are now getting orders ready for the holiday season. This is a busy time as well when people come to stock up when they come and look at the leaves in the fall in the Northeast states. Come get your wholesale maple syrup at: http://www.maplesyrupdirect.com/

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