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Consequences of wilderness adventure therapy

Adventure therapy is an activity being done in the woods & includes working with individuals who face interpersonal, social, and psychological challenges. These wilderness therapies were usually done by the addicts & other mental patients in order to get them away from the hustle of the world and let them focus on their own ability. The therapy engages the patients into various physical as well as psychological tasks & difficulty level of these increases at each step.

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So what happens at the end? Well, there are some consequences of these therapies:

  • Develop a sense of community: The main idea behind wilderness adventure therapy is about building a sense of community among the members. It happens generally in teenagers that they isolate themselves from outside world & live in their own personal lives. This affects them in a negative way. Thus, by these programs, such people are encouraged to meet new people and get their mental stability back.
  • Improved self-esteem: These adventure therapies engage its members into various physical activities and let them use their mental ability to get themselves out of the situation. They tend to challenge themselves to get the task completed and thus improving their confidence levels.
  • Personal sense of responsibility: The wilderness adventure therapies are generally organized in a group of members and thus they have been assigned with some group tasks. This has enabled a sense of team work and their personal potential in order to get the task finished. Their interdependent role in such team tasks not just let them help other members but also light a sense of responsibility in them.
  • Sharing problems & growth: At the end of day of these therapies or in between the sessions, the group is asked to share their problems and experiences with other members and let them learn and find solutions to their problems. This not just let them feel comfortable among the group members but also promote their growth as an individual.

And at the end of every such wilderness adventure therapy, the person comes out to be totally different than that he/she was in the beginning of the session. Not just they start appreciating the life they have but also make them learn a lot else that includes socialization, sharing and listening to other person’s problem & if possible, come out with a solution. So, adventure therapy is beneficial to every individual and can also be done in a fun way.

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