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How to Prepare for a Nursing Home Visit with a Relative

When visiting a nursing home for the first time, nerves are to be expected. When you are visiting this type of establishment with an elderly relative and friend in order to find them a nursing home that will be their home for the foreseeable future, you can prepare for this visit by taking note of the following points of discussion.

Possible resentment from the patient

When taking a relative to visit nursing homes, the relatively may have objections to being placed into one of these homes. That is due to the stigma that often surrounds nursing homes. However, you must do your best to realise that there may be arguments, but in the end that you are doing this for their own health and well-being. It works best to handle arguments immediately and keep in mind:

  • The relative may be feeling as though they are being abandoned
  • It is your job to reassure them that the fear they have is understandable, but not something to dwell on.

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Do your Research

Before visiting the nursing homes on your list, be sure that you are doing your research. This means considering:

  • Ratings by those who have been in these nursing homes or had loved ones in these homes
  • The ratings that are given by numerous governing bodies
  • Cost, location and other specifics should also be considered too narrow down your list of nursing homes to visit
  • Online reviews that you may be reading about the home

All of this information can also prepare you for asking questions to the nursing care home that you are visiting.

Prepare for Emotions

Many people think that the emotions are going to come from their relative, however, that is not always the case. Though, logically, you agree that the relative needs help that you cannot provide, thus a nursing home is the best option, it can still feel as though you are failing this person. Start telling yourself immediately that this is not the case. You are not failing this relatively at all. In fact, you may be doing this relative a huge favour through getting them into a nursing home with nurses to care for them, activities planned with those who are near to their age, and getting them into a caring community that will ensure their safety and health.

In the end, you are doing what you need to do. If you are getting ready to visit nursing homes with a relative with the idea of finding the perfect fit, realise that this is an emotional journey. However, it is one that the relative will thank you for later.

For professional advice on how to move through the process of identifying a care home and stably introducing your elderly relative or person who you are responsible for into their new environment with ease and comfort, speak to the friendly team at FirstCare.ie

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