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Good nutrition is the best path to prepare you for weight loss surgery

food allegy

In the past couple of years, there has been a certain increase in the population of obese or overweight people all around the world. No matter which age category, sex, socio-economic group you look into, the number is growing at alarming rate. Well obesity is not only ruins your looks, but also cause serious health issues, which can lead to ...

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How do Asthma Networks help patients lead a quality life?

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A number of people die from asthma each day. The irony is that most of the mortalities areavertible. A poor asthma control causes disability and suffering.  It is like a tip of the iceberg, if the control is not appropriate, it may cause death also. Asthma can affect people of all ages resulting in loss of productivity. This also causes ...

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Fighting Free Radicals: The Good Fight

fighting free

In the past 30 or 40 years, people all over the world have become very health conscious, to the point that the health-supplement industry experienced a massive expansion. Studies of this special segment of the economy show a healthy growth rate in the past five years, with total revenue reaching $18 billion. What factors have contributed to this amazing expansion? ...

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What are the Complications of a High Risk Pregnancy? 


A high-risk pregnancy is one that could cause health complications to the mother and/or the baby. These kinds of pregnancies require close monitoring by a specialist for the wellbeing of the mother and the baby. Risk factors for high-risk pregnancies include age (mothers below 17 years and those above 35 years have high risk pregnancies), hypertension, STDs, diabetes, genital tract ...

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Cancer doesn’t care – Aiming to end this endemic disease


 Cancer doesn’t care is a social organization which is completely dedicated to the mission of making the world free from the cancer. As you might all know that cancer is still the most deadly disease and although in some cases, the cure is possible; in most others it is endemic. This is why the organization is leading a revolution to ...

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How to prevent hair loss?

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There are many factors that can contribute to hair loss such as illness, age, genetics, pregnancy, menopause, etc. You can either get rid of this problem through natural remedies or by getting a treatment. Hair loss is a common problem that is faced by majority of men and women. If you are unable to resolve this issue, you can consult ...

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Ten Proven Ways of Managing and Treating Coughs


A cough indicates a minor or a major problem with your respiratory system. Irritation, mucus accumulation and difficulties in breathing can result in coughing. Infections like pneumonia, tuberculosis or bronchitis, allergies(asthma) or gastro intestinal reflux diseases can cause coughing. Whether acute or mild, it is generally good medical advice to receive treatment. The main treatment regimens for coughs include:   ...

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Getting Hair Transplant Surgery

hair vtr

There are a number of options for re-growing lost hair in people with hereditary forms of hair loss. However, they are limited to relatively few products, which are most effective in the early stages of baldness. If it happens that a person has lost a substantial portion of hair due to hereditary factors or an accident, such as a burn, ...

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A Guide to Grab the maple Tree

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Do you have any idea regarding the maple tree? If not then you should be aware about the positive sides of maple tree. The syrup is a getting popular across the world in course of time. The fact cannot be denied that in past the people of North America used to take the maple tree as food and medicine. So ...

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6 Tips to the Best Fertility Center in Your City


It is one of the sensitive topics you can have with your spouse or family members. When it comes to matters fertility, things get complicated and for this reason most families are suffering in silence. While recent studies have shown that infertility levels have fallen over the last three decades, a study by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] ...

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