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Menopause Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult


Bioidentical Hormone Therapy, also known as BHRT, has been profound in establishing a treatment that alleviates the symptoms of menopause. Women undergoing this major life change can experience immense discomfort. Hot flashes are only the beginning; imbalances can cause trouble sleeping, weight gain, loss of bone density, and depression. Finding your solution is an ongoing process that takes into consideration how estrogen, progesterone, and cortisol levels interact as a whole. For example, hot flashes can be caused by both deficient and excess estrogen.

More women are giving BHRT a chance, because the chemicals used in the treatment are derived from plants and made to mimic those produced in the body already. Since they are molecularly identical to what the body already produces, bioidentical hormones are less likely to cause allergic reactions. BHRT is a safe, impressive alternative for those women who are suffering through menopause. More and more women are becoming aware of the relief they can find.

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Symptoms of menopause include sudden hot flashes followed by profuse perspiration, mood swings, irritability, depression and anxiety, insomnia, less sexual desire, declining memory, muscle fatigue, and others. It has been proven that the symptoms of a woman’s climactericemerging prior to the actualevent, known as perimenopause. In some cases, symptoms have appeared in women in their 30s. BHRT focuses on and targets the symptoms by restoring proper balance in a woman’s body with plant-derived estrogen, testosterone, and cortisolwhose molecular composition is the same as those naturally produced by the human body.

Every woman’s physiology is unique, so the path toward stability is different for everyone. That’s why compound pharmacists are the best way to pursue this treatment. Compound pharmacists make specialized medication, rather than selling off-the-shelf stuff. Working in collaboration, your pharmacist and physician regulate your supplements and dosages to find the fix that works for you.

Some women choose a holistic direction, which can very often eliminate the use of prescribed medications. At times, prescription drugs are too frequently given without fully analyzing an individual’s lifestyle. In Toronto, Hormone Harmony combines BHRT with exercise, diet, nutritional supplements, and constant feedback from a physician. A saliva test provides key clues to a woman’s chemical levels; they are ongoing throughout their climacteric, because hormonal imbalance changes over time.

Bioidentical hormones begin as steroids in plants such as wild yams and soybeans, which are ultimately refined in laboratories to manufacture molecules identical to those in the human body. BHRT is structured to each woman’s specific needs, and is performed under a doctor’s supervision. Hormone Harmony approaches menopause therapy as a lifestyle change. Changing the way you eat and adding nutritional supplements to your diet encourages your body to produce the right kinds of hormones. They recommend black cohosh and licorice for easing hot flashes, selenium and Omega 3 for dryness, and valerian root for insomnia. The path to wellness is about your entire lifestyle. Get in touch with a pharmacist for a consultation today.

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