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Gym Teacher Shares Importance of his Class

For years, physical education has been incorporated into school curriculums. Currently, school have cut back their dedication to physical activity because of their financials. Others have reduced amount of time students spend in physical education because school boards are more concerned about academic success and competitiveness.

Jack Rochel is a gym teacher at Smith High School. He is the staff representative for student life activities as well as the coach for 4 of the athletic teams at the school. The motivated man has been dedicated to education and health his entire life. From a young age, he picked up soccer and golf in the summer and indoor speed skating the winter. Recently, he has caught on to the decline of physical education in schools.


Physical education develops physical skills. When a good exercise or activity plan is put together, cardiovascular work improves coordination, flexibility, and strength. Students involved in sports and physical activities have a better chance of avoiding childhood obesity as well as obesity later on. Emphasising the importance of staying active and following up with practicing it will plant a seed in a child`s brain that physical activity is and will always be a necessity. They will be more likely to make wise dietary and health decisions later on too.

Jack Rochel is convinced that physical education improves social skills. Kids who are exposed to different sports develop team work and team building abilities, sportsmanship and fairness skill, and other social abilities. Additionally, the variety of sports and activities available allow student with learning disabilities to excel and become more confident in their physical ability. Hopefully, translating to their overall confidence. Physical education present opportunities to kids that they wouldn`t find anywhere else: making friends, goal setting, and self-evaluation, practice, working on professional and personal endeavors, and releasing emotions and frustrations.

Lastly, physical education improves academic performance. A well-developed physical program promotes a healthy mind as well. Kids that are physically active do better academically than those who are not. Better behaviours in classrooms and better concentration are often exhibited by physically active students.

Jack Rochel is a dedicated gym teacher that urges parents and students to demand more physical activity in their school curriculum. Jack is a firm believer in physical, mental, and emotional wellness. He also recognizes that stress among students is rising with academic and personal pressures and students need an outlet. Physical education is that outlet.

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