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Maple syrup direct brings original maple syrup directly to your homes anywhere across the globe

If the present day scenario is carefully analysed, the global crisis of original maple syrup is a very notable fact. Whilst you can still avail original maple from local shops, the availability of this product in the global market is nil. Instead, there are a number of false products that are present as substitutes. The common “pancake syrups” are maple syrup substitutes. There are products which claim to be maple flavoured. Thus, while buying any maple syrup or products made from it one has to be extremely judgemental about the quality and the originality. Even the original maple syrups are marketed with different grades that are done based on their colour. With the colour varies the taste of maple syrup. Light amber coloured syrup has a much less robust taste than the darker ones.

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This extremely tasty and healthy maple syrup has a very limited accessibility because of its small production area and its short season. The main areas of production are the USA and Canada. The USA produces only a very little part of the total production. Canadian states of Quebec, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Ontario and New Brunswick. The short maple season marks its beginning with the coming of the lively spring. But it lasts only for a few weeks. The companies start tapping the trees for syrup collection as soon as the season begins.

Maple syrup direct is a Canadian company which deals with 100 per cent original high quality maple syrup and also several other tasty products such as candies and butter that are made from the syrup. Maple syrup direct delivers these products globally to any part of the world. Therefore with the online shop of the company you can now cart all your favourite delicacies into one place and get these delivered exactly before your door at any part of the world.

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