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Detecting apoptosis – Annexin V kits

Annexins are calcium-dependent phospholipid-binding proteins and is from the same family. They can bind to phosphatidylserine (PS)in order to find out apoptotic cells. It is present in healthy cells, and is localizedalong the cytosolic side of the plasma. They have calcium-dependent binding affinity and can prevent prothrombinase activity. Research has shown lesser events ofvenous thrombosis, intrauterine fetal loss in those inpatients with anti-Annexin V antibodies than those without anti-Annexin V antibodies.

Annexin V kits

These are used for finding out the presence of apoptosis and necrosis. Apoptosis is the process whereby the cells are programmed to remove the essentially multi-cellular organisms or cells from the body. This programming is regulated by a complicated interaction of proteins till the time point of no return is achieved. The process is then reversed to an earlier point after the halting the removal. Annexin V can detect an early apoptosis.  Annexin helps detectthe early stages of apoptosis by rearranging the plasma membranes resulting in phospholipid asymmetry. Annexin V is highly capable of binding affinity for PS. It does this in presence of Ca2+ making it a widely used tool for detecting apoptotic cells.


Annexin V kits are availablein a number of sizes and varieties, which may range from 20/50 tests trial sizes to a 300 tests size. Annexin V kits can detect apoptosis by flow cytometry or by fluorescence microscopy. It can differentiate between the apoptosis and necrosis. Annexin V being an anticoagulant protein can bind PS and to a reporter molecule. This can as well be used as an indicator of apoptosis.The plasma reorganizes itself only in case if it following apoptotic process by disrupting phospholipid asymmetry. When the calcium is present Annexin V binds to phosphatidylserine. This allows the apoptotic cells to easily recognize flow cytometry. The conjugate to Annexin V can also be used to facilitate the faster and an early detection of cell surface. Annexin V binding to PS indicates a reversible process. In short it can help us determine the population of those cells that have lost membrane integrity. The kits help sensitive and a faster detection of apoptotic cells and can be used for flow cytometry and in situ detection of apoptotic cells.

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