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The EU Cosmetics Directive For Not Testing On Animals

For decades, the cosmetics industry has chosen to test on animals. When it comes to cosmetics animal testing is quite common, though that’s about to change. Many consumers who have been worried about whether their products have been tested on animals will look for a specific label. Some manufacturers promote no testing on animals, while others have been known to hide the fact. Further, some manufacturers will test on animals were some products and not on others, which is why reading labels has become so imperative.

Many ask, why test on animals to begin with? Cosmetics industries found that it was easier to test on animals then on humans. This would ensure that the industry knew what products would potentially cause breakouts and various other skin conditions. They would then alter formulas in order to improve the overall results.

As a result of the EU cosmetics directive, that is all about to change. A full band has been placed across the cosmetics industry. Any manufacturer in Europe is now unable to test on animals and market themselves in the EU. This is a big step in terms of animal safety and protection, and one that many local organizations are pleased to finally have in effect.

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The European Commission is supportive of the cosmetic industry in terms of creating alternative methods to testing. This will ensure that no animals are harmed in the creation of any level of cosmetics, which includes foundation, eye makeup, as well as cleansers. Further, the commission is also working to engage with third countries to help them to follow the approach taken by the European Union.

The goal is for Europe to set an example of being responsible and innovative at the same time to ensure that consumer safety is never compromised during the consumption of cosmetics. It’s already anticipated that many other countries around the globe will follow suit in order to enhance consumer safety.

There are multiple bands in place regarding cosmetics and animal testing. This means that is not possible to use animals to test cosmetic products or the ingredients that go into the cosmetic products. In the past, animals were used to test toxicity, sensitization to the skin, carcinogenicity, and much more – and now that has come to an end.

What does this mean for you? It means that it is possible to purchase cosmetics throughout the European Union and that was created in the European Union confidently knowing that the products are safe for consumers and that no animals have been harmed throughout the making of the various products.

The EU cosmetics directive continues to push forward and work with other countries to help them to achieve similar goals and directives.

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