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What Are the Differences between Varicose and Spider Veins?

Many have it believe that developing either varicose or spider veins is the same, while technically they are both vein disorders, and have only a number of things in common. While they are both visible through the skin, spider veins are closer to the surface, making them somewhat less of a problem. Nevertheless, both can cause discomfort and unease as you will have to cover it up.


Let the Differences Be Known

In essence, the clogging up and twisting of veins causes your veins to pop up and to be seen through the skin. However, varicose veins differ from spider veins by the fact that they are bigger blood vessels and often appear like they are bulging. In either case, there is something wrong with your veins and smaller blood vessels making your blood flow backwards and causing a build-up of pressure. Though spider veins can be harmless, they can be painful at times.

More Than Just Genetics

Although there is evidence that genetics cause varicose veins to appear, it is not the only root of the problem. Standing or sitting for too long could help in your veins getting enlarged and filled up with blood. Moreover, your cardiovascular system needs to be in top shape as well to be able to handle the added pressure and increased blood flow. In the long run, the appearance of varicose and spider veins can be an indicator of a bigger problem, but, will often go without any pain.

Make Sure to Work Out

Physical activity is the best way to keep either vein disorder from appearing and help to reduce the effects. Be sure to exercise on a regular basis, focus on light and simple workout routines to relieve the pain in your veins, as well as to break down some of the clots in your veins. On the other hand, try to practice taking a break every hour or so if you are standing or sitting for too long. It will help get rid of tiredness and soreness in your legs.

Dealing With Pain

Over time, if you ignore your discomforting veins, they could start giving off a burning sensation, hurting and feeling like a dull pain all the time. Unfortunately, in most cases you will have to undergo medical treatments to get rid of them, but, usually end up with almost no veins visible after. Ask your doctor about how to best treat varicose veins to ensure that you reduce the physical presence as much as you can, while preventing future appearance.


Time to Change Your Lifestyle

Prevention is the best way to keep varicose or spider veins from ever showing up in your body, with a few simple tweaks to your general lifestyle. Try to cut down on harmful vices such as smoking and drinking coffee a lot, as it can help create clots and reduce the elasticity of your veins. Focus on eating healthy and make sure that you eat ingredients which help strengthen your veins’ walls and give them the flexibility to withstand increased pressure.

Do not ignore the appearance of either varicose or spider veins on your body, although they are often harmless, they could be an early sign of a brewing problem. Visit your doctor as soon as you notice that they are not disappearing, even though you are doing your best to do so. Pain and burning sensation could be the most common things you will feel, and unless treated, it will only get worse. Work on being active all day long and lessen the time you stand and sit around.

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