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A Guide to Gynecomastia Surgery

A Guide to Gynecomastia Surgery

Some of the males in recent times have come across the problem of the enhanced breast size that has not only deteriorated their appearance but also makes it so very embarrassing for them. In case, you are suffering from any such problem, the best idea for you would be to undergo Gynecomastia Surgery that is defined as the most effective way to get rid of enlarged breast in the males.

The surgery helps to prevent enlargement of breast and makes your chest as flat as possible to give you a more masculine look. You can even go for some more modifications to get the celebrity style chests that would rather improve your repo in the society. Here are the insights about how this surgery is performed and the cautions that you have to take before and after undergoing the surgery:

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  • You shall avoid the use of aspirin containing drugs about two weeks before the surgery. You must also discuss if you are having any extra health problem to let it not affect your surgery and follow the instructions of your doctor.
  • The surgery is a kind of liposuction surgery where a local anaesthesia is provided by the surgeons before the surgery. A small incision is made on both of your chests from where chunk of mass is removed to provide your chests with a contour like shape.
  • In case you have sagging skin around the chests, the procedure is much more severe and complex as there is a need to remove the tissues from the chests. The incision is made on the edges of the areola and the tissues are removed to help you get a better look around the chests.
  • After the surgery, normal bruising is expected and the doctors mandate you to wear a corset for around a week to get the required shape. You can also feel little to moderate pain that can be dealt of by using the pain killing medicines.
  • Although the operation results in permanent flat chest but excessive weight gain or the excessive usage of steroidal drugs can result in the recurrence of the problem. So, you must look to avoid steroids post surgery.

Alternative to surgery:

An alternative to the surgery can be theuse of breast reducing creams and ointments that are helpful up to an extent but cannot ensure you the guaranteed results in case the problem is severe. There’s a lot of information out there but this gynexin review is probably the most in depth guide we’ve been able to find.



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