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Why Naperville Residents Should Be Cautious When Using “Herbal Supplements”


In today’s day and age, sometimes it is difficult to tell exactly what one is getting when one buys a vitamin, a supplement, or any type of chemical product that is monitored by the United States Food and Drug Administration but itself is not actually a food item, but a drug or supplement item.  Chemical compounds of different things change and alter very quickly and very dangerously sometimes, and this really needs to be watched out for.


The “dietary supplement industry”, as it is now called, manufactures and sells more than vitamins, fish oil and Echinace, way more actually.  So much more in fact that even the most veteran FDA officer would be surprised.  The truth is that some of its products could literally be anyone’s worst nightmare and are not only not beneficial at all, but are in fact dangerous, deadly, and addictive. Every drug is addictive no matter what the drug therefore there is a drug rehab in southern Illinois and they keep opening up more around the Illinois area to reduce the drug problems. Their ultimate goal would be to eliminate drug use completely but this would be a goal that would take many years in the making.

An interesting yet scary thing happened in Illinois recently along this subject matter.  U.S. Marshals, acting on a request from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, (FDA), earlier this month seized almost a staggering 90,000 bottles of a dangerous herbal product whose odd brand name is actually, “RelaKzpro”.  Sold as it is by Dordoniz Natural Products of South Beloit, Illinois, it is labeled thusly as containing something called, “Kratom”, a veritable dangerous and sometimes deadly concoction of potent psychotropic chemicals that are essentially derived from the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree, which is prized in Asia for its mind-altering effects that, if taken too far, can be mentally and physically damaging and dangerous.

The substance of Kratom serves as a reminder to us that, entire “natural”, is not synonymous with, “safe”.  As if we needed a reminder of this, but apparently some of the residents of Naperville and the greater and overall Chicago area in general do.  The truth of the matter is that this substance contains within it some of the deadliest toxins known, such as alpha-amanitin from the “death cap” mushroom Amanita phalloides and ricin from the castor bean, are “natural” compounds found in plants.  Heroin is also natural, but heroin is one of the most deadliest and dangerous drugs known to man.

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The Dangerous Effects of Kratom

Here is how one user who was willing to talk about it so as to try to help those using this substance in the city of Naperville and the greater and overall Chicago area in general described Kratom’s effects:

“It brought on very quickly, anxiety and feelings of profound ‘wrongness’ set in to my mind. … I was getting closed eye visuals of people who seemed to be covered in mold or fungi and ‘hearing’ a kind of toothless mumbling that disturbed me immensely and sent me reeling with anxiety. It sounded like the terrible noise a severely mentally challenged person might make, and my head was full of thoughts of ordinary people subjected to ruinous torture and experimentation that was going on right in front of my eyes, ears, and mind.”

This drug causes insane effects on people.  In truth, this is the kind of psychotic ideation that can cause people to jump out windows or attack other people they falsely perceive as a threat.  It of course comes as a shock then that Kratom has been available online, and it’s legal except for in four other states.  The truth is, Naperville and the greater and overall Chicago area in general need to banish this drug before the area has its own micro-epidemic with this drug now too. There are so many drug problems in the Chicago and Naperville area there the drug rehab Chicago has now opened a drug rehabilitation Naperville in order to help fight the drug epidemic of these two cities.

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