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Keeping Track of Your Meds has Never Been Easier

systemBiocorpis a French based manufacturerof digital health solutions who develop smart drug delivery systems to assist patients maintain their medication program.  Their innovations include award winning products Data Pen and Easy Log, which site alongside their range of some 30 products for the pharmaceutical industry.

Award Winning Technology

Whilst presenting their range of products at the recent Pharmapack Expo in Paris, France, they stole the show with the prestigious award for Best Exhibitor Innovation for “customization and user-system 1friendliness”.  The awarding committee acknowledged Easy Log for being an intuitive real time monitoring tool for patients and health care professionals.

Easy Log is part of a smart drug delivery system that empowers patients to keep control of their own medication usage, essential statistics, such as sugar levels and blood pressure, and store it in a safe way.  These statistics are transmitted via Bluetooth to a mobile app, and can then be forwarded securely to their physician.

Settings, reminders and alarms can all be programmed into the Easy Log sensors, that can remind patients when to take their insulin or other medication.

Dual Purpose and Working in Tandem

Intelligent systems are often limited in their scope, but the development team at Biocorp are focused on delivering smart drug delivery systems, that evolve with the patients’ needs.  Easy Log works in tandem with Data Pen, another revolution for the pharmaceutical industry.  This device is able the perfect partner to Easy Log and is able to convert the data gathered and transmit it using the mobile app.

If a patient misses an injection at a crucial time, the Data Pen records this and is able to send a message to a third party using the clever Easy Log app.  The ability to capture vital statistics, allows a doctor to see a perfect track record of a patient over a given period of time.  This facilitates the adjustment of doses, any deficiencies or other signs that can assist in the ongoing treatment of a patient.

The Way Forward

Smart drug delivery systems are now able to be part of a daily routine for a patient, no longer do they have to carry bulky medical bags or hide in a bathroom to take their medication.  The way technology has advanced is of great service to the pharmaceutical industry and patients alike. It is thanks to pioneers like Biocorp who have invested substantially in their own laboratories, to create incredibly useful solutions.

Data Pen and Easy Log lead the way in their sector by empowering patients to take full control of their medication program. Using these two smart technologies there is no excuse to have missed a dose!

Here is a video that shows just how simple and useful the Data Pen is to use, and how it can benefit you each and every day of your life.  If you suffer from diabetes and forever forgetting to take your meds, this will help you to remember, and perhaps one day, save a trip to the ER.


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