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Consequences of Abusing Drugs According to Entrepreneur


Drug Rehabilitation is extremely important nowadays with the increase in drug usage around the United States and especially in Illinois. Per Wickstrom who is the entrepreneur of many drug rehabilitation centers across the United States knows it’s important to know about the side effects, mental and physical effects that each drug has on an individual in order to successfully run a drug rehabilitation center effectively.

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So many individuals think that marijuana is okay to use and abuse but this is actually false. Marijuana use comes with damages such as chronic cough and even bronchitis. Marijuana can also impair short-term memory, your coordination and balance and even lead to poor judgment. Heroin has severe mental and physical damages if you abuse this drug such as collapsed veins, abscesses. Arthritis, heart infections and believe it or not, it can also cause HIV and hepatitis C due to the injections with most likely a contaminated syringe. Cocaine abuse causes nasal passage damage making it harder to breathe each time you use this substance. It also causes difficulty swallowing and gastrointestinal problems. Long-term use can cause anxiety, panic attacks and paranoia.

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Finding Help to End This Problem

These drugs aren’t the only drugs that clients have abuse. There are so many more legal and illegal drugs that individuals abuse and a huge part of this would be prescription drugs. It’s urgent to get the word out about these drugs and their damages to individual’s mental and physical well-being. Drug abuse is a serious problem that causes a person mental and physical damage in their life in so many ways. If you or a loved one needs serious recovery for your drug addiction problem then going to one of Per Wickstrom’s rehab facilities must be done as soon as possible. When you get rid of the drug problem as soon as possible, everyday is a step closer to a drug free life and this is what most drug users want but they just don’t know where to start or how to start because they tend to feel alone all the time.

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