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Raleigh Weight Loss Clinic – Learn The Importance Of Reducing Extra Kilos

According to the statistics, about 40% of the population gets less than six hours of sleep. There are many side effects of improper sleep. You could even gain weight if you do not sleep properly. Here are the most important reasons to gain sufficient sleep every day.

Reduce the calorie intake by taking sufficient sleep

If you are awake till late night, then you might feel hungry and consume unnecessary calories. This could increase the weight to more than 2 pounds every week. The experts have found that sleep deprived people gain more weight than those who sleep for at least 8 hours a day. If you do not sleep for at least 7 hours every day, then it will undo the effects of dieting.

The study was published in ‘annal of internal medicine’. During the study, dieters were asked to follow different sleep schedules. When their body gets sufficient sleep, they are able to reduce weight though fat.


The studies show that the brain works better with right amount of sleep. The researchers at Harvard medical school performed few studies on different individuals. They observed that the individuals who experienced daytime sleepiness tend to overeat due to tiredness. This will ultimately result in poor health and obesity.

A unique Swedish study was conducted on sleep deprived and well rested participants. Their task was to complete computerized “ideal portion size” in which they can manipulate serving size on screen. The result shows those who did not get right sleep added 23 additional calories to the diet.

It is better never to go for grocery shopping if you are exhausted or hungry. The study published in a famous journal “obesity” shows those who were sleep deprived bought 1300 additional calories from the store.

How is the sleep related to hunger?

There is a misbelief among many people that hunger is related to willpower. In fact, the two main hormones namely ghrelin and leptin control hunger. Leptin is an essential hormone produced in fat cells. If you produce less leptin, then your stomach will feel empty. Higher levels of ghrelin will make you hungry. The sufficient amount of sleep can maintain a balance between these hormones.

You have to find a trustworthy weight loss clinic in Raleigh. Choose the professionals who could advice you at every step of the weight loss regime. They will not only help you to reduce weight, but also support to maintain weight loss.

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