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Apex Veterinary Hospital – Choosing the Best Professionals for Your Pet’s Wellbeing

In order to stay healthy and fit, your pet needs regular checkups. However, many pet owners are confused regarding the total times their dog should visit the vet. The answer varies depending on dog’s life stage.  Some dog breeds live for as long as 12- 15 years, while some die before they are 10.

How to ensure that the new pet is fine

If you buy a new born puppy, then it must get the vaccines after every four weeks till it is 16 weeks old. They must be vaccinated against rabies, parvo and kennel cough. Cats may get infected with feline immunodeficiency virus. The vaccinations will cover all the dangerous diseases.  The doctors will suggest some heartworm prevention medications. The vet will ensure that the pet is fine and shows no symptoms of illness.

There are few tests the vet might conduct-

  • the blood count test – this is essential to check the status of white and red blood cells
  • EKG – this is an optional test to check the their heart muscle

Once it is a year old, yearly health checkups are essential. They will conduct head to tail physical examination. Besides this, they will collect pet’s blood samples to check diseases like heartworms. If the professional notices anything unusual in your pet, then they might recommend some other tests too. Many a times, they ask for stool samples to check intestinal parasites.

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How to take care of the older pets

Once the pets get older, you must take them to vet at least twice a year. They will conduct several tests like urine, stool and blood tests. Such tests will provide information about their thyroid hormone levels, kidney health etc. You must make the vet aware of any changes you have seen in the pet. If it drinks excessive water, then it is a sign of his kidney failure.

Before visiting the vet, you must prepare a list of questions to ask. These professionals could advice you on various topics like-

  • The behavior of your pet
  • Useful information about their nutrition
  • Facts about their exercise physiology

There are many other things you must be aware of. The professional will tell you to brush your pet’s teeth in the right manner. You have to lean to trim their nails without hurting them. However, it is important to choose the right apex veterinary. Your dog’s health is your responsibility. Do not forget to check the past experience and knowledge of any veterinarian in this field.

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