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The Reasons Why Boxing is The Toughest Sport

Although there are numerous strenuous sports out there that require a lot of physical activities from their players, ESPN’s comprehensive ranking of sixty different sports, suggested that boxing is the toughest. There is reason to believe that golf is very exhausting, indeed; mentally. However when a combination of physical strength, mental stability as well as stamina is concerned, boxing came up the highest on the list among other sports like wrestling, football, and even water polo.  Athletes of a different sport may suggest otherwise, however putting them to the test and letting them take jabs at a punching bag for a straight 30 seconds will get them to reconsider their claims.

The Challenges that Associated with the Sport

The difficulty of boxing is proven as soon as someone puts on a pair of gloves and decides to do a few rounds of jabs in a class, as a workout or just to hit a heavy bag.  The stamina needed to endure short 30 second intervals is quite a challenge, and one that has to be endured as well as mentally overcome. The sport requires the athlete to punch for a deceiving thirty seconds, while in the meantime they also receive punches from the opponent. These seconds may seem very short for a person on the sidelines, but it is the longest and most grueling ticks of the clock for anyone who has stood inside a ring.


The Experts Rate the Sport in Several Categories

There are different ratings that the experts gave the sport, however most of the time it came up on top. As far as speed is concerned, it blew golf out of the water and landed in front of sports like basketball and baseball where this could be debatable. Other factors like power and durability were considered, but these athletic variables are not the only reasons the sport is considered to be tough.  Aside from endurance and strength, the ability to overcome one’s own fear is the next thing that makes the sport a difficult one. A sportist has to have nerves to face an opponent where he knows he will get hit, hurt or even worse, in a combat. This is similar to facing the jabs that life can give us, and people at Académie Frontenac boxing Montreal know this more than anyone else in the city.

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