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How Naperville is Shifting its Focus on Addiction Treatment to Try and Confront the Issue


In less than just a mere 10 years alone, heroin addiction has become one of the greatest public health threats in the Chicago metropolitan area, and the city that has been by far hit the hardest by this in the city of Naperville.  For example, fifty-three people died of heroin overdose last year in Will County alone, a staggering number but not an anomaly by any means at all.  Naperville and Chicago’s heroin problem is bad, but other areas are not much better either.  The figure mentioned above represents the latest statistic in what is now a regional and national epidemic that rips apart families and communities alike. Since heroin has become such a major problem in these areas, there is a drug rehab Naperville currently encouraging individuals to come join their recovery treatment center in order to reduce the problem of overdose due to heroin.


Heroin is killing people in Naperville and in Chicago by the thousands.  Emergency Room and Emergency Department visits involving drugs have been increasing at alarming rates all across the nation too, but Naperville and Chicago have by far gotten the brunt of this.  For example, the club drug better known as MDMA, (or Ecstasy), increased by 58 percent in the U.S., from 2,850 visits in the year 1999 to 4,511 in the year 2000.  Furthermore, the number of ER and ED visits involving heroin/morphine increased by 15 percent, from 84,409 to 97,287 in that same time frame.  Finally, there were a total of 601,776 estimated drug-related ED episodes in the year 2000 and, among these, there were a staggering 1,100,539 different drugs mentioned, (proving that there were more than one drug in most people’s system at the time of admission.)

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The Rise of Heroin in Naperville

The heroin abuse issue in Naperville and Chicago has done nothing but shove crime statistics through the roof too.  In one study conducted at the National Addiction Center, (NAC), there were an alarming 650 individuals with a heroin addiction who ended up committing more than 70,000 crimes in just a three-month period alone.  Truthfully, drug addicts are criminals, and most alcohol addicts are criminals too.  The very nature and occurrence of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction is in and of itself unlawful, so of course the actions themselves would then inspire more addictive and abusive behavior.

In the light of all the sadness and misery and death that has come on the heels of increases in drug abuse and more specifically heroin abuser in the Naperville area and all across the great city of Chicago, people and residents all across the city have been crying out for a solution to the addiction crisis and problem.  Naperville has responded by insisting upon inpatient rehabilitation being implemented as soon as is possible.


By far, inpatient rehabilitation at the drug rehabilitation Naperville is the most successful way of tackling any type of addiction crisis, and this is exactly what is needed in Naperville.  With inpatient rehab, the addicted residents of Naperville actually stand a chance at beating their addiction habit once and for all.  In truth, the time for trying to get away with outpatient counseling in Naperville is at an end.  Now, the way to tackle the addiction problem on a very permanent level will be with an inpatient drug rehabilitation Chicago Illinois program.

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