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What New Drug Sentencing Guidelines Would Mean for Skokie


The federal U.S. prison population has grown by 700 percent since 1980, and now exceeds 215,000.  (Data also show that half of those in federal prisons have been convicted of drug-related crimes.)  All in all, imprisonment and incarceration in the United States per capita is more extensive and prevalent than it is in any other nation in the world.  Also, the tendency to imprison people in the United States is way more common than it ever has been before and this is easily shown to us by the above statistics.

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This is particularly severe and in a lot of ways is very, “not okay”, for those serving time for certain drug-related issues.  In the state of Arkansas, a second time offender who is caught with marijuana on his or her person is almost always automatically imprisoned for five to ten years.  In a lot of ways these issues are also deeply affecting Skokie, a troubled town near Chicago that has suffered a lot in the past thanks to drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general.  Some of these new reforms are making drug sentencing even stricter, where a more, “pro-rehabilitation”, course is really what is needed here. Having a drug rehab Skokie can solve many issues; instead of feeling the need for the state to arrest individuals who are caught abusing drugs, they should immediately put them in a drug rehabilitation Skokie in order for them to get back to normality and solve this issue of drug abuse in Illinois. It is too much of a problem therefore imprisoning people for substance abuse isn’t the right thing to do and instead should refer them to a drug rehab referral where they will then refer the individual to 1 of the many drug rehab Illinois.


Are the New Guidelines Beneficial to Addicts?

This straightforward adjustment to sentencing ranges, while measured in scope of their efficacy, would nonetheless send a strong message about the fairness of the criminal justice system.  It would treat drug criminals equally, which is excellent, except that many drug criminals need rehabilitation, not incarceration.  These policies would help to moderate federal prison spending while focusing limited resources on the most serious threats to public safety true enough, but still there is the aspect of Skokie drug addicts never really getting the help they need in the form of rehabilitation, and instead just getting incarcerated for whatever crimes they had indeed committed.

All in all, this is a tricky path to walk, and it often seems that there is no logical solution or answer to resolving the situation.  In truth, the important thing to remember is that any policy that focuses on the rehabilitation of those who are only in jail because they are addicted to drugs an alcohol and for no other real reason is a good policy.  This is a major issue, and it is hoped that continued reform of drug abuse punishment laws will work to effectively and smoothly get these individuals out of the rut of drug and alcohol addiction and dependence.  Rehabilitation has to be the most important concentration here, particularly if the individual is only serving time because he or she was caught with an illegal substance on his or her person, as is often the case in Skokie.

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