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Parents of Overdose Victims in Naperville File Lawsuits Against Drug Dealers in Retribution


In recent news in Naperville, parents are now taking serious, vicious, and frankly quite impressive action against drug criminals in Naperville.  In fact, in very, very recent news parents of two suburban Chicago teenagers who died two years ago after overdosing on drugs are suing the people who sold them the drugs.  This is relatively unprecedented but it is still quite effective and has so far garnered a fair amount of attention from the media.

The parents in these particular cases have based their lawsuits on the infamous 1996 Illinois Drug Dealer Civil Liability Act that allows victims to hold drug dealers just as accountable for injuries as manufacturers who produce defective products too.  After all, isn’t a drug dealer who sells an adolescent a drug that the kid then overdoses on and dies from just as much of a murder as the drug itself was?  Technically, a drug overdose is not a suicide as far as the law is concerned, but it is murder to a degree.

Until now, the law has not been applied in Illinois though it does have precedent in other areas.   Fourteen other states have similar laws in place and its application has been seen there.  The lawsuits were filed earlier this year in McHenry and DuPage counties, and this has set a precedent in the state of Illinois for the parents of dead kids in this state to hold dealers personally accountable.


Are Lawsuits an Effective Way of Ending Addiction?

The idea here of course is that, hopefully, these law suits will serve as a deterrent to anyone participating in illegal drug selling, dealing, or trafficking.

Heroin abuse and overdose in the United States is a big deal to say the least.  For example, over eighty percent of heroin users inject with a partner, yet ninety percent of overdose victims found by paramedics are found alone.  This communicates the incredible risk that one has in taking heroin alone, or at all for that matter.  This is usually how people die in Naperville from heroin use and abuse, and this is what absolutely has to change before the area can experience freedom from this issue.

We want to reduce the amount of drug deceases so by having many drug rehabilitation Chicago centers around, the individuals can get help from experiences workers who know how to handle any drug addiction problems. From the drug rehabilitation Naperville to any other drug rehabilitation Illinois, you will be guided through holistic and natural methods of recovery. Heroin abuse will continue to be out of control until a drug rehabilitation Chicago can promote themselves and reduce the amount of drug overdoses that occur everyday.

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Heroin abuse is still out of control in Naperville and all across the country too.  Last year alone, there were approximately 84,000 visits to emergency rooms in the U.S. due to heroin.  This number tripled from the number of just five years prior.  The overdoses rate last year was more than quadruple what it was a decade ago.  Approximately 14% of all drug-related emergency room visits involve heroin because of how easy it is to overdose on and because of how many Americans are using and abusing it now.  With the help of precedents like this though, the issue might finally start to fade away.

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