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Free Naloxone Clinic in Arlington Heights Helping to Prevent Overdoses


One of the greatest current troubles that the city of Chicago and its neighbors currently faces is that of heroin and opiate pain pill abuse and addiction.  To help combat this issue, a free naloxone clinic and as well as any Chicago drug rehabilitation centers are both in place to help prevent opiate overdoses opened recently near the border of Lake and Cook counties.  It is hoped that this does much to reduce the death toll in this area and other nearby areas too.  Naloxone, a drug that counteracts the effects of opiates, has been credited with helping police officers across Lake County save several people from heroin overdoses in the past few months alone.  In fact, it is thought that is there were enough clinics like this then essentially heroin abuse would become a thing of the past.

This particular walk-in clinic, which will initially be open three days a week, has proved a labor of love for Chelsea Laliberte, who lost her brother, Alex “Lali” Laliberte, in December 2008 to an overdose involving heroin and other drugs.  Many thanks must be expressed to Chelsea, because without her this clinic would not be possible.

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Two quick facts of why such programs are needed are listed below:

  • In the year of 2013 alone, more high school seniors regularly used marijuana than cigarettes as a full and staggering twenty-five percent of them smoked pot in the last month, compared to only just sixteen percent who smoked cigarettes.  The upsetting and unfortunate thing about this is that marijuana is the number one gateway drug in the United States and while cigarettes do cause harm and do kill, cigarettes do not get people to abuse other hard, illegal, and illicit drugs like marijuana.  For Chicago heroin users, ninety percent of them admit that marijuana was their first drug of choice.
  • Adderall use and abuse, (often prescribed to treat ADHD), has increased among high school seniors from 5.4% in 2009 to 7.5% in 2012.  Now it is at over ten percent of abuse overall.  This is very concerning because Adderall is very addictive and it is also very easy to get and is relatively cheap.  Also, there is a strange connection between Adderall and heroin that no one has been able to discover, but oftentimes individuals who abuse Adderall will go to heroin and vice versa.  Studies show that Adderall is more available in Chicago than anywhere else.


As far as this particular clinic goes, having gained authorization from the Illinois Department of Alcohol and Substance Abuse, the clinic will provide free training and naloxone kits to opiate users and their families.  So far this clinic has been so successful that more and mrs clinics are hoped to be opened soon to try and do something about Chicago’s crushing heroin and opiate abuse problem.

If ever it seems that this free naloxone walk in clinic isn’t effective enough then the individuals have the option of going to the drug rehabilitation Arlington Heights. At the drug rehab Arlington Heights, it will be a similar recovery but this particular rehab which is owned by the drug rehab referral service only offers a holistic and natural method for recovery.

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